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Record Settlement in Fatal Texas 18 Wheeler Accident


“They Did Absolutely Everything for Our Family”

The Florida Family hired our Undefeated Texas truck accident lawyers after their father was tragically killed by an 18-wheeler on a two-lane FM road outside Houston.

We quickly filed the lawsuit, used evidence from the scene and the 18 wheeler’s ECM (black box) to disprove the truck driver’s evolving story about what really happened that morning, and ultimately won a record-setting settlement three weeks into trial – and minutes before closing arguments.

As we’ve repeatedly demonstrated in courts across Texas and the United States, our 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers don’t just win for our clients – we set records.

If you or a loved one were injured in a truck or 18 wheeler accident, contact our Undefeated Truck Accident Lawyers at 1-888-603-3636 or Click Here to send us a confidential email through our Contact Us Form.

We met in high school. I just knew he was my soul mate for the rest of my life. He provided a very good living for us, we didn’t need or want for anything. He always instilled good work ethics and to be kind to people because that’s the way he was and he wanted to instill that in the children.

Me being the oldest son, my father was strict but loving. He always wanted to make sure we had everything we needed.

I was the only daughter, which was wonderful. My dad did everything with me. He was a loving dad. He couldn’t wait for us to have kids. That’s what he wanted to be. That’s what he wanted to do.

With his grandkids, it was nothing but love.

It’s very sad that they don’t get that because we knew the dad that we had growing up and I really wanted them to have that grandparent.

And so, when he passed away it was just like half of me was taken.


I’ve been Raymond and he was working for a neighbor and he was going to go get some stuff too to check on the job site. He said I’ll be back by lunch and he never came home.

I began to worry, tried calling, no answer and then it kept getting later and later. When the highway patrol came and I opened my sliding glass door I thought it was him and I opened it and when I saw the highway patrol car I fell to my knees because I knew what that meant. They came to tell me he had passed in the accident.

I just didn’t really know how to accept it.

I went from being a 40 year old adult father to feeling like I was 10 years old, not knowing what I was going to do, what my next step was.


Our brother called Ryan and his team with Zehl & Associates and they were out there the next day. The next day they were out there, looking, going over everything. I mean it was amazing. They were there for us and they’ve been there for us the whole time. It was “We’re here, this doesn’t look right, we know it doesn’t look right, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it, and we’re going to get the answers that you want and that you need because you deserve them”.

Well, I knew they were doing a lot of work because they would let us know and then when we got to trial it was like, “Oh my gosh.”


One of the reenactment guys that the specialist that Ryan with Zehl & Associates used found a bolt. Narrowed the bolt down to where it made contact with our father’s vehicle. That right there, that kind of precision, I don’t know of anybody else that would go that deep to find someone to get the job done for you.

Finally, it was like just a weight off of our shoulders that we finally understood the real answer for what happened that day. The answer that we knew happened that day. But we were told for years it wasn’t and we had a police report that said you’re wrong, and your dad was wrong, and that was never the case.

On the day of that was supposed to have been the closing arguments, Ryan came to us and said the other side is want to reach an agreement, make a settlement. Ryan with Zehl & Associates fought for us. It doesn’t take away all the pain but it is something saying, “Hey, my father was worth something”.

Before he passed he had plans made to build a house so I’m going to build his dream home that he had so there’s plenty of room for everybody.

It was 100% Zehl & Associates. They did absolutely everything for us.

If I ever need lawyers again, I would like them to all be as great as Zehl & Associates