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Record-Setting Settlement in Permian Basin Oilfield Accident



Our client, who had worked in the oilfield for over 20 years, was seriously injured while running casing on an oil rig near Pecos, Texas.

The “company man” was rushing the job so that the operator could continue drilling, when a 500 pound piece of drill pipe came loose and knocked our client off the rig, breaking 5 of his ribs and shattering his femur and two other bones in his left leg.

Our client spent 3 weeks in the hospital, where he underwent two surgeries to repair the open/compound fractures, followed by an additional 4 months in physical therapy recovering from his injuries.

Rather than taking responsibility for the accident, the operator and its risk adjusters (insurance company) hired a team of lawyers, terminated his worker’s comp benefits, and informed him that he either needed to come back to work or find a new job – despite the fact that he was still using a cane and had not been released back to work by his doctors.

Realizing that he needed to look out for himself and his family, our client and his wife hired our Oilfield Accident Lawyers to file a lawsuit against the operator and several of the contractors involved with the job.

The case settled at mediation for a highly favorable (and confidential) amount less than 6 months later.

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