Mother whose Child was Born with Birth Defects Thanks Zehl & Associates for Record Settlement

Testimonial about how Houston personal injury lawyers helped one family after their child was born with a heart defect. The mother had taken an antidepressant prescription drug.

Kim’s Story

“When my husband and I found out that Elizabeth had a heart defect, it was devastating. It was particularly devastating in our situation. She was born on the small side. Due to the fact of that heart defect being there, she would not gain weight.”

Choosing The Right Law Firm

“After talking with Zehl & Associates, PC, they had the confidence to take on this big company. It was nothing for them.”

More Than A Law Firm

“Zehl & Associates, PC took the time to understand what was going on in my life. They never started with business first. It was always, “How’s Elizabeth doing? How is her needs being met? Is she being taken care of, medically?” It wasn’t a business relationship. There was genuine concern for my child.”

My Experience with Zehl & Associates, PC

“The settlement Elizabeth received exceeded my expectations. It’s enough to make sure she’s taken care of, medically, for the rest of her life. Zehl & Associates, PC was relentless in their fight against the drug company and, ultimately, made them take responsibility for what they had done to my family and others.”

Watch the video testimonial to hear more about this client’s experience with the dangerous prescription drug and birth defect Lawyers, who she says were “relentless in their fight against the drug company and ultimately made them take responsibility …”

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