Subsea Engineer who Injured Hand Offshore Explains how Zehl & Associates Helped him and his Family

A Subsea Engineer explains how our Maritime Lawyers helped him and his family get their lives back after he seriously injured his hand in an offshore accident.

The Accident

“I was working as a subsea engineer in Brazil for a drilling company. We were working on a blowout preventer. Somebody unrelated to the job came in and operated the equipment and it crushed my hand, my left hand. My left fingers were broken, crushed.”

The Accident Changed Everything

“The accident changed everything. I was really worried about my family. I was worried about my future, my kids. How was I going to support them? What was I going to do next, not to mention the pain I was in. At this time. I couldn’t move my hand, my fingers. It was pretty excruciating. ”

The Company was More Worried about Getting Me Back to Work than My Injury

“It was clear that the company was more worried about getting me back to work than how I was doing. Even though I couldn’t move my hand, the doctors were still trying to clear me to go back offshore. It was really apparent that they weren’t really concerned with my well-being, they were just trying to hurry to get me back to work.”

I Realized I Needed an Experienced Maritime Lawyer to Look Out for My Family and Me

“All along, the company told me not to worry, but when it came time to go back to work and my hand wasn’t ready, once I told them I wasn’t ready to go back to work, everything changed. They cut me off, they cut my pay, they demoted me. It was as if they were trying to force me to go back. It became apparent that I had to make a decision, I could either hire a lawyer and protect myself, or I could allow the company to force me back to a job that I couldn’t physically do, and I knew that I would eventually get fired over it.”

Why I Hired the Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates

“When I started researching attorneys online, I saw that Zehl & Associates had great results representing offshore workers and maritime workers against some of the biggest companies in the country. But it was when I came in and I met with Ryan, I realized that they aren’t your typical law firm. Their lawyers had never lost a case that went to trial. I felt like they’re willing to take on a company no better how big.”

Zehl & Associates Made Sure My Family and I had Everything we Needed

“I was always able to speak with Ryan directly. He and his staff made sure that me and my family had everything we needed. They help me set up doctor’s appointments. They even offered to help out with the bills. That really helped me to concentrate on recovery, helped me not to be so worried about how I’m I going to provide for my family.”

“I’d Recommend Ryan and his Team at Zehl & Associates to Anyone Hurt Offshore or in Any Other Type of Accident”

“The lawyers at Zehl & Associates were really trial lawyers. They started getting my case ready for trial from day one. They refused to even talk about settlement until the company offered an amount that ensured that me and my family would be taken care for the rest of our lives. I would recommend Ryan and the lawyers at Zehl & Associates to anyone hurt offshore or in any other type of accident.”

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