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Which Houston Roads See the Most Truck and 18 Wheeler Crashes?

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer | Most Dangerous Roads in Houston, Texas
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Most Dangerous Roads and Highways in Houston, Texas

Anyone living in the Houston Metro Region is probably aware that the area experiences more than its share of accidents involving 18-wheelers, heavy trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

But according to a recent report from The Houston Chronicle, certain Harris County roads and highways are far more prone to these crashes than others.

Harris County on Pace for 7,000+ Commercial Vehicle Crashes in 2022

Harris County has already seen more than 4,200 commercial vehicle accidents this year alone – more than any other county in Texas.

Statistics compiled by the state Department of Transportation indicate that the number of such crashes was already surging the year before COVID-19. However, the pandemic shutdowns of 2020 coincided with the lowest number of commercial vehicle accidents in recent years.

Unfortunately, as traffic returned to normal, crashes involving large trucks and other commercial vehicles began to trend higher again. If the year’s pace continues, Harris County will be on track to exceed the nearly 7,000 commercial vehicle accidents reported in 2021.

I-10 Most Dangerous Road in Houston Metro Region

According to the Houston Chronicle, at least 3,537 commercial vehicle crashes have occurred on I-10 in Harris County since 2017. The I-10 and Beltway 8 interchange in Spring Branch is especially hazardous, having seen more than 100 commercial vehicle wrecks over the past five years.

The Sam Houston Parkway, Beltway 8, had the second-highest number of commercial vehicle accidents, with 3,186 recorded since 2017. Two I-45 interchanges along 610 have also seen more than their fair share, with 100 reported at each since 2017.

Two of every five commercial vehicle crashes reported in Harris County cause injury to drivers, passengers, or passersby. Beltway 8 had an injury rate just above 25%, while some smaller routes like FM 521 and FM 525 were around 50%.

Most Harris County Commercial Vehicle Crashes Reported on Weekdays

When it comes to commercial vehicle crashes, weekdays are the most dangerous days to be on the road in Harris County:

  • Mondays: 6,694 accidents.
  • Tuesdays: 6,887 accidents.
  • Wednesday: 6,780 accidents.
  • Thursday: 6,688 accidents.
  • Friday: 6,474 accidents.

Area motorists are safest on Sundays when fewer than 1,599 commercial vehicle crashes have occurred since 2,117. Saturdays had the second lowest number of accidents, with 2,629.

Most Harris County commercial vehicle crashes occurred during rush hours, usually between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm and 8:00 am and 9:00 am.

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