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Coronavirus Deaths Predicted to Surge, as Texas and Other States Reopen

A widely used model is now predicting thousands of additional deaths from COVID-19, as Texas and many other states across the nation begin to emerge from their coronavirus shutdowns.

U.S. Covid-19 Deaths Could Exceed 134,000 by August 4th

On April 29th,  the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington – a model frequently cited by the Trump Administration –  predicted Texas would see 2,344 coronavirus deaths by August 4th. But on Monday – just days after the Lone Star State entered the first phase of a 3-phase reopening plan – the updated model increased its Texas forecast by 1,288 additional deaths, bringing the revised August 4th total to 3,632.

The same model had previously predicted 72,433 coronavirus fatalities for the entire United States. But with the country already surpassing that forecast by nearly 3,600 deaths, the updated model is now predicting the nations’ COVID-19 outbreak will claim a staggering 134,475 lives by August 4th.

According to the institute, the dire new predictions reflect rising mobility as Texas and other states begin to relax social distancing measures intended to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“This new model is the basis for the sobering new estimate of U.S. deaths,” Institute Director Dr. Christopher Murray said in the news release announcing the latest predictions. “The model will allow for regular updating as new data are released on cases, hospitalizations, deaths, testing, and mobility. It can also be used to identify what may be the trajectory to progressively relax social distancing while still limiting the risk of large-scale resurgence.”

Phase 2 of Texas Reopening Begins Today

Texas began a gradual reopening on May 1st, less than a month after Governor Gregg Abbott issued a state-wide stay at home order aimed at curbing transmission of COVID-19. Certain non-essential businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls, were allowed to open at 25% capacity last Friday, although those located in counties with fewer than 5 confirmed infections were permitted to operate at 50%.

The second phase of Abbot’s plan begins today. Various personal care-based businesses, including  barbershops, hair and nail salons, and tanning beds, are permitted to open, provided they adhere to certain social distancing and sanitizing requirements. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools can begin operating at 25% capacity, but water parks, splash pads and other interactive venues must remain closed. Public swimming pools may reopen at the discretion of local governments.

The third phase of Texas’s reopening is slated to begin on Monday, May 18th. At that time, gyms and other workout venues, non-essential manufacturing, and offices may reopen, provided they also adhere to capacity and social distancing requirements established by the state.

Abbott Admits Restarting Texas Economy Will Accelerate Coronavirus Transmission

According to the Texas Department of Public Health Services, 36,609 coronavirus infections had been confirmed across the state as of this morning, including 973 deaths.

In announcing his plan to reopen Texas, Governor Abbott cited several factors to justify his decision, including a relatively low death rate and slowing rate of coronavirus transmission. But much of the state’s success in combating COVID-19 is directly attributable to measures that are now being abandoned.

Earlier this week, Abbott was caught on tape admitting that his plan to restart the Texas economy would cause rates of infection to accelerate once again across the state.

“How do we know reopening businesses won’t result in faster spread of COVID-19?” Abbott asks on the audio. “Listen, the fact of the matter is, pretty much every scientific and medical report shows that whenever you have a reopening … it actually will lead to an increase in spread. It’s almost ipso facto … The goal never has been to get COVID-19 transmission down to zero.”

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