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Offshore Worker who Injured Shoulder in Alaska Recovers Record Settlement


Our Maritime Lawyers obtained a record settlement for a client who suffered a shoulder injury after slipping and falling while working onboard Shell’s “Kuluk” in Alaska.

The Accident

“I worked on a ship. We were in Alaska, towing rig heading back to Seattle. I slipped and fall and injured both shoulders.”

The Company’s Response

“I felt the company didn’t care much, because after I did the surgery they didn’t give me enough time to heal up and to get ready.”

How The Injury Affected Me

“I’m the only provider for the family, and now I’m injured I don’t work and they put us in financial bind. With the pain and, you know, we got a lot of expenses to pay and you got a family to help, we’re not able to do all that. It’s just too much to handle.”

Why I Hired the Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Assocates

“I went and find Zehl & Associates and I heard so much about them. They helped with a lot of case, this kind of case, the BP, Horizon. I heard so much about them so I said, “You know what? This is the law firm that can stand up to my company.”

Zehl & Associates is More Than Just a Law Firm

“To me, Zehl Associates, they were like family, calling me, asking me, like family, how I’m feeling and they were there for me.”

My Experience with the Offshore Injury Lawyers at Zehl & Associates

“Definitely I would recommend Zehl & Associates to anybody who got injured, or any friend or people I might work with. There’s a lot of them who don’t feel like they don’t have options and I would definitely recommend.”

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