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Oil Rig Explosion in Jasper County, Texas Leaves 3 Workers Severely Burned


Three oilfield workers were rushed to the hospital with severe burns last Friday, following an oil rig explosion in Jasper County, Texas.

Explosion Occurred at Jeffcoat Production Drill Site

The August 9th explosion at the Jeffcoat Production drilling site occurred shortly after 10:30 a.m., just off County Road 607 between Buna and Kirbyville.

Flames had already engulfed the rig by the the time first responders arrived, but they quickly extinguished the blaze and prevented the fire from spreading any further.

“When you have a fire like that, you try to keep a safe distance away because you don’t know what’s going to happen later,” Jasper County Sheriff Mitchell Newman told reporters Friday afternoon. “They did a real good job, they come and instead of backing off and letting it burn out, they went ahead and put it out.”

3 Oilfield Workers Airlifted with Severe Burns

Helicopters subsequently airlifted the three injured workers to an undisclosed hospital. While authorities confirmed that all suffered severe burns, their current condition remains unknown.

“It’s just a tragedy,” Newman said. “We have three men hurting, I can’t even imagine getting burned.”

A fourth worker was also hurt, but did not require hospitalization.

Did Malfunctioning Pump Cause Jasper County Oil Rig Explosion?

So far, it’s not clear what may have caused last Friday’s oil rig explosion in Jasper County.

The workers were apparently using a temporary derrick and truck (work-over rig)  to perform maintenance at the site. According local media outlets, an unidentified worker said a pump on the rig malfunctioned, causing it to explode.

The incident remains under investigation.

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