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Injured Offshore Worker Says Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates Are “Number One”


A Maritime Worker who was injured during an offshore crane accident explains why the Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates are “Number One.”

The Crane Accident

“In the accident I was moving a walkway to the dock. We had just landed it down, so I went to go unlatch the crane because it was done lifting and everything was in place. As I walked and begin to cross over, the crane came up and caught me in between my leg and pulled me up seven foot in the air. I didn’t realize what happened until I hit the deck.”

How the Accident Affected Me and My Family

“It affected me pretty hard because I’m used to getting up, working, and making money for the family to make sure my family is taking care of, but it knocked me in a loop. It put me down to zero, which I was using all my 401K. I took money out of my 401K stock just to try to make it until I got in touch with Zehl and Associates, PC. Then all that stopped. They told me not to use my 401K, not to go in my stock anymore. They was going to take care of everything they needed to take care of to get me right again.”

Why I Chose to Hire the Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates Over Other Maritime Law Firms

“They made me feel at home when I talked to them the first time on the phone. They didn’t put me on hold. They got on it right away. They just made me feel like I was a person because I called all different type of places, and they just gave me the run-around.”

What I Like About the Offshore Injury Lawyers at Zehl & Associates

“They treat me like family. Every time I called, they didn’t put me on hold. Then somebody would call me right back. They answered my question right then and there, and I was good with that.”

What I Think About the Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates

“Love them to death. Tommy, Zehl, and Kevin told me anytime to call them on the phone. They’ll answer the phone, return my calls. It don’t be like a week of waiting. It’s like they’d answer right away, so I said, “This is the law firm for me.”

My Experience with Zehl & Associates

“Working with them on a day-to-day basis is like family. Called on the phone, talk. If I needed something, they’d get it done. If we needed a bill paid, it got paid. They didn’t hesitate.”

The Settlement Process

“I know other law firms make you wait. They tell you that you got to wait two, three years for a settlement or going to court. Zehl and Associates, my case settled in a year and a half. I’m very pleased at my results.  I made the decision on what I wanted to settle for. It wasn’t my attorney telling me, “We’re gonna settle for this.” It was me making the decision on what I wanted to settle for.”

The Results

“At the end of the day, Zehl and Associates was able to make sure my family was taken care of for a long time. I won’t have to worry. I don’t have to think about how the bills are going to get paid.”

I’d Recommend Zehl & Associates to Anyone Who Was Injured

“Anyone that’s hurt, please call Zehl and Associates. They’re number one. They took care of me, and I know they’ll take care of you.”

If you’ve been injured while working offshore, the Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates can help.


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