Offshore Worker Who Injured Knee After Slipping on Barge Discusses Working with Our Jones Act Lawyers

Barge worker who obtained a substantial settlement after injuring his back and knee discusses why hiring the Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates was the best decision he’s made.

The Accident

I was working in a boat. We were doing a coast guard inspection and I slipped and fell. That’s why I got hurt – my knee, my back.

The Company’s Response

The company sent me to their own doctor to check me. The doctor looked at me and said I was good to go back to work.  I’m the one who was feeling whatever was happening to my body, they didn’t know nothing about the pain. For me, I was just calling, looking for doctor because the pain, it was worse and worse.

Hiring A Lawyer

The company, they don’t care about me. They don’t care about my family. They just care about sending me back to work, like nothing happened. I had to hire lawyer to protect me and protect my family.

Why I Chose the Offshore Injury Lawyers at Zehl & Associates

I was searching online and I saw a lot of lawyers over there. When I saw Zehl & Associates, that is the one that caught my attention because I saw they were helping a lot of people in maritime cases and oilfield companies.

Experienced Offshore Injury Lawyers

The one that caught my attention is the BP explosion. I knew they were helping people, because that accident, it was really bad. I know that for Zehl & Associates to represent those people, they knew what they were doing because they know for a fact what really happened to represent those people in need.

The Maritime Lawyers at Zehl & Associates were “Part of the Family” 

For me, Zehl & Associates, I felt like they were part of my family because any time that I needed something they were there for me. It’s like, if I go to the doctor, any appointment, they were there. Any question that I have, they were there and gave me an explanation. It felt like they were part of my family.  I don’t know in this moment, without Zehl & Associates, what was going to happen to me. I get my life back. The settlement they got me was bigger than I expected. Anybody that sees this video, trust me. Don’t hesitate, don’t delay. If you had an offshore injury, don’t hesitate. Call Zehl & Associates because I know they are going to help you a lot.             

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