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Houston Home to Nation’s Second Deadliest Highway

Houston Car Accident Lawyer | I45 Galveston to Dallas Nation’s 2nd Deadliest Highway

Southeast Texas motorists are all too familiar with the challenges facing drivers in and around Houston.

But many might not be aware that one of the nation’s most dangerous highways runs right through the Metro Region — Interstate 45 from Dallas to Galveston.

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260 Motorist Died Along I-45 Through Houston in Just 3 Years

According to data compiled by fleet manager Teletrac Navman, 260 people died along that 285-mile stretch of I-45 from 2016 through 2019. That’s .913 fatalities per mile. The company’s study also revealed that:

  • October is the most dangerous month to be on I-45 through Houston.
  • The most dangerous day of the month was the 2nd.
  • Saturday was the most dangerous day of the week.
  • The most dangerous hour of the day was between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

The study, which was based on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, named Interstate 4 in Florida as the nation’s #1 deadliest highway.  In fact, four interstates that run through Florida landed in the group’s top ten.

3 Texas Highways Among Nation’s 25 Deadliest

Several other Texas roadways ranked among the top 25:

  • I-30 from Aledo through Dallas on the way to North Little Rock, Arkansas, was the nation’s seventh deadliest highway, with .646 fatalities per mile.
  • I-35 West from Hillsboro through Fort Worth on the way to Denton, Texas saw .528 deaths per mile, enough to place that stretch of highway at number 19.
  • Dallas drivers on their way to Jacksonville, Texas, via State Road 175 are traveling the nation’s 24th deadliest road, with .443 fatalities per mile.

“There have been significant technological improvements to automobiles, greater vehicle and driver connectivity, and heightened awareness around safety standards, but we continue to see significant road fatalities,” said Ben Williams, director of marketing, digital, and analytics for Teletrac Navman. “This study highlights the need for all drivers – passenger and commercial – to continue to stay vigilant to protect people on the roads.”

This isn’t the first study to confirm Texas as dangerous territory for motorists. In fact, the state recently ranked first in fatalities caused by wrong-way drivers and distracted driving deaths.

Texas also consistently leads the nation in truck and 18-wheeler accident fatalities.

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