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Houston School Bus Driver Drives into Home


A Houston-area school bus from Clear Creek Independent School District crashed into a house on May 12, 2015.  My Fox Austin reported that according to, the school bus crashed into the house that led to a special education student, the driver, and a teacher’s aide suffering minimal injuries, none of which were life-threatening. The accident occurred around 7:30 AM.

The emergency exit was open in the back of the bus, where other students and passengers were able to escape out of the back. A victim of the accident claimed he thought “the bus driver passed out” when the school bus hit the house.

Authorities claim there was no indication that the bus driver was on any medication or under the influence.

Safety Concern: School Bus Accidents

Although school buses are considered to be safer than cars, these types of accidents raise concern about the well-being of our children. According to KEYE TV in Austin, two months previous to this accident, a Houston school bus collided with another vehicle on a Houston freeway, injuring eight students.

Although the student injured in this Houston school bus accident was wearing a seatbelt, many school districts keep school buses in service that are not equipped with safety seat belts. This goes against what the law requires for cars, and this provides the parents an opportunity to assess their child’s legal rights if their child is ever involved in a school bus accident.

Regulations with school buses are ever-changing, and school districts may not be maintaining the school buses in the condition that is properly safe for children.

As with all accidents, the school bus driver can be held at fault for the injuries that resulted from the accident. Parents should be aware of the common dangers children face so they can prevent dangerous events from occurring. While school bus accidents may occur for different reasons, parents should know their child could be compensated for his or her injuries and medical costs after being injured in a school bus accident.

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