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Greyhound Bus Accident Victim Receives Largest Settlement from Rollover Accident


Our client discusses her experience with our Bus Accident Lawyers after being severely injured when a Greyhound driver fell asleep and caused the bus to flip over. Ms. Allen recovered the largest settlement to date, making this our firm’s second record-setting recovery against Greyhound in the past 5 years.

The Crash: Greyhound Bus Rolled Over after Fatigued Driver Lost Control on Highway

Ruthie Allen: I was on my way to Michigan from Louisiana. I was traveling by Greyhound, because I needed the space because I was moving a lot of things and bus travel is less expensive than air travel. I thought Greyhound was safe.

I noticed that the bus started to veer off the road. I thought the bus driver was changing lanes. But then he hit the rumble strips, and I knew we were going off the road. I started yelling at the driver. He didn’t respond. I thought he was asleep.

After the bus left the road, we hit a tree in the middle of a cornfield somewhere in Ohio. All I remember is a lot of chaos, people yelling and screaming and trying to get off the bus.

The Crash Changed My Life Forever

This crash changed my life forever. I went from being a very independent person, taking care of myself, to having to have a person take care of me. I had to spend three months in the hospital.

During that time, I had at least nine surgeries. At one point, I was in a coma. It was very traumatic. I’m just thankful that I’m still here.

Why I Chose The Bus Accident Lawyers at Zehl & Associates

I hired Zehl & Associates because their Bus Accident Lawyers had the highest recovery rate against Greyhound and they had gone to trial against Greyhound. It looked like they had the most experience out of the lawyers that we saw.

I also didn’t want a firm, like the local firms where I live, that are always on television, talking about how they settle for X amount of dollars. I wanted someone that was going to fight for me.

Working with Zehl & Associates was Awesome

It was awesome working for Zehl & Associates. They were always there for me. They fought for me when Greyhound didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

In the beginning, Greyhound tried to offer me a small settlement. But by dealing with Zehl & Associates, and the work that Ryan and his team did for me, it was much more. I was very pleased.

The Settlement was the Largest Paid by Greyhound

The settlement was, in fact, the largest settlement that Greyhound has paid out to date. That was due to the efforts of Ryan and his team.

The Bus Accident Lawyers at Zehl & Associates Will Fight For You Till The End

I would recommend Zehl & Associates to anyone that needed a personal injury lawyer because they will fight for you until the end.

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