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Fiery 18-Wheeler Crash in Cameron, Texas Tragically Kills Motorist


A fiery crash involving an 18-wheeler and two other vehicles tragically killed a motorist in Cameron, Texas early Wednesday morning.

18-Wheeler Collided Head-on with Oncoming Vehicle

The multi-vehicle accident occurred shortly before 6:10 a.m., on February 28th, in the 500 block of North Columbus Avenue.

An initial investigation indicates that an 18-wheeler traveling southbound entered the northbound lane of the road while attempting to make a turn.

The rig collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle, which caught fire.

The 18-wheeler then rolled over, spilled its load and slid down the roadway, where it struck a second vehicle.

Unidentified Man Pronounced Dead at Scene

Responders to the scene attempted to put out the vehicle fire with extinguishers, but it kept reigniting. Fire crews were only able to extinguish the blaze once their truck arrived.

The driver of the first vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. He has not been identified pending notification of his family.

The drivers of the 18-wheeler and the second vehicle were transported to Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Temple. Their injuries are not considered to be life-threatening.

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