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Explosion Injured Three Workers at Corn Flour Plant in Muleshoe Texas

Last month, three workers suffered injuries from an explosion at a corn flour plant in the Texas Panhandle. On March 11, an explosion occurred at Minsa Corporation’s plant in Muleshoe, Texas. Emergency personnel transported two patients by helicopter to the closest hospital in Lubbock, which is about 60 miles southeast of Muleshoe. Another injured worker was treated at a hospital in Muleshoe.

After the explosion, the plant was evacuated and the gas and electricity were shut off as an emergency precaution. The explosion caused damage only to the immediate area. Immediately following the accident, officials from the company did not have any comment as to the cause of the explosion.

Water Tank Blamed for Explosion
Investigators identified a water tank as the source of the explosion that injured a total of three workers. However, investigators have not been able to determine actually what caused the tank to explode at Minsa Corporation’s plant. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is still conducting its own investigation.

Minsa Corporation Has Been Cited For Multiple Safety Violations
This type of explosion at the Texas facility may not have been totally unexpected. In fact, just last January, federal safety inspectors cited the corn flour mill for exposing workers to safety violations. Minsa Corporation received citations for exposing 75 workers to explosion and electric shock hazards. According to federal health safety inspectors, “the accumulation of combustible grain dust requires more than just wiping surfaces to eliminate them. Grain dust accumulation, in the right combination of particle size, air and an ignition source, can expose workers to possible explosions or combustible dust hazards.”

Furthermore, Minas Corporation was also cited because “internal parts of electrical equipment were contaminated with foreign materials, unused openings in a breaker box were not properly closed and an uncovered junction box exposed workers to live electrical parts.” In total, Minsa Corporation received 33 serious citation violations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and racked up more than $151,000 in fines.

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