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Fabens Racetrack Crash Injures Dozens, 3 Critically

Dozens of people were injured last night when an out-of-control vehicle crashed through a guardrail and into a crowd of spectators during a mud-track racing event in Fabens, Texas.

Fabens Racetrack was Hosting Arracones De Lodo 4X4 Event

The June 13th accident occurred shortly after 6:30 p.m., as hundreds of people gathered at Fabens Racetrack, located in the 17600 block of Island Guadalupe Road in El Paso County, to witness the Arracones De Lodo 4X4 race.

Shortly after the event began, one of the vehicles left the mud track and careened through the guardrail into the crowd. Three other racing vehicles were also struck as a result of the initial crash.

“Well, they started the race,” one witness told WGN9 News. “And when they started, one of the trucks lost control and slammed into a pile of cars and people.”

8 People Hospitalized, 3 in Critical Condition

Multiple ambulances and a medevac helicopter were dispatched to the scene. Many other people traveled to area emergency rooms in private vehicles.

According to an official with the El Paso County Sherriff’s Office, at least 29 people were hurt in connection with the crash. Eight people were hospitalized, including three in “very critical condition” and five with non-life-threatening injuries.

By Sunday night, friends and family had gathered outside Del Sol Hospital in El Paso, hoping for word on the victims’ condition.

“The Mud Can Tell the Car Where to Go, At Times”

While it’s not clear why the mud-tracking vehicle left the pit, it appears the driver may have lost control along an especially muddy section of the raceway.

“Today what happened was what we all hoped doesn’t happen,” said Scott Smith, owner of Rock Solid Protection, an El Paso-based firm that provided security for last night’s event, “Is a wreck while racing,”

According to Smith, “the mud can tell the car where to go, at times,” and that’s what happened Sunday evening.

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