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Chemical Explosion at Corpus Christi Apartment Building Leaves Contractor Burned

Texas Explosion lawyer | Corpus Christi Apartment Explosion Burns Contractor

A contractor was hospitalized yesterday afternoon following a chemical explosion at a Corpus Christ apartment building that left him with burns.

Explosion Erupted in Unventilated Bathroom at Chandlers Mill Complex

According to officials with the Corpus Christi Fire Department, the September 15th explosion erupted sometime around 2:00 p.m. as two contractors were working in a bathroom on the second floor of a building at the Chandlers Mill apartment complex near Airline and Holly Road.

“All of a sudden, I just heard it go boom,” a witness told KRIS 6 News. “And I’m thinking, well, OK, people always have fireworks going off and on here.”

Unfortunately, no one was setting off fireworks. Apparently, the unventilated bathroom lacked a window, allowing fumes from a chemical the contractors were using to accumulate to a dangerous concentration.

Burned Contractor Flown to Brook Army Medical Center

“We don’t know exactly what sparked the explosion,” Corpus Christi Fire Department Battalion Chief Billy Belyeu said. “But we do know it was an explosion caused by an explosive chemical which is lacquer.”

An ambulance rushed the burned contractor to Corpus Christi Medical Center Bay Area Hospital, but he was later flown to Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio. So far, authorities have not identified the man’s employer or released any additional information on his condition.

His co-worker was not injured.

Most Chandler Hill Residents Were Out When Blast Erupted

According to Belyeu, the explosion could have been much worse. Fortunately, many apartment complex residents were at work, and no one was home at the adjacent units.

The blast did leave a large hole in the side of the apartment building. Contractors were sent to inspect the structure and determine what other repairs were needed.

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