Greyhound Bus Accident in California Set for Trial

Greyhound Bus Crash Victims Prepare for Trial against the Company in California

A Greyhound Bus Crash in Fresno, California left six people dead and injured more than 30. The Greyhound bus accident occurred early in the morning on Highway 99. According to a highway patrol spokesman, the Greyhound bus struck an overturned SUV, which was in the path of the bus, and caused the bus to strike another vehicle. The crash resulted in all three vehicles going off the road and into an embankment, where the Greyhound bus smashed into a tree.

The Greyhound bus accident resulted in six deaths, including three passengers in the SUV and three passengers on the bus. More than 30 people also suffered minor to moderate injuries. Following the accident, officials were trying to determine what caused the SUV to overturn.

In 2011, the California Highway Patrol determined that Sylvia Garay, the alleged driver of the SUV, had a blood alcohol content of .11, which authorities said caused the collision. CHP officials reported that the driver of the Greyhound bus accident could not have avoided the overturned SUV.

Lawsuit Filed Against Greyhound

The families of Garay and the other passengers of the SUV have filed a lawsuit against Greyhound claiming that the company negligently caused these deaths. Specifically, they allege that the Greyhound bus driver had been speeding at the time of accident and the bus had bad brakes. In support of this allegation, the families say that numerous other cars on Highway 99 had been able to avoid hitting the overturned SUV.

The families also claim that the CHP’s report that Garay had been driving is incorrect.  According to the families, there is no evidence that Garay had been driving at the time of the accident. Witnesses to the accident say that Garay had not been driving and cell phone video before the accident shows Garay had not been driving.

Trial to Begin in California Greyhound Bus Accident

The jury trial will begin this week, and it is expected to last five weeks. A main point of contention at the trial will be whether the Greyhound bus driver could have avoided the accident. CHP believes that the driver did not have time to take evasive action to avoid the accident. The families, however, claim that the driver could have avoided the crash, but failed to do so because he had reportedly been speeding.

So far, Greyhound has spent more than $3 million to settle claims with dozens of injured passengers as well as the families of the passengers killed on the bus.

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