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Bus Accidents: The New Plague of Houston

Riding the bus is as common to the working man or woman as taking a bagged lunch or kissing your spouse goodbye on your way to work. It’s an American rite of passage as young and old alike travel for work, to attend school, to visit family, or to turn a well-deserved family vacation into a reality. It’s an American institution which prides itself on economy, dependability, and safety, but lately in Houston, busing has become a dangerous ride.

Over the past few weeks, an epidemic of busing accidents has gripped the parents, families, and visitors to Houston in a state of shock, confusion, and anger. In April, a dozen elementary students were sent to the hospital after TWO buses crashed near the intersection on Bonaire Street and Bacher in northeast Houston. “These are supposed to be professional drivers, to me there’s almost no excuse,” said Walter Marks, a father. In June, a that began a devastating chain reaction that left two dead, sent ten people to the hospital, and closed the interstate for over three hours. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) motor and fatalities have surged in recent years even as highway deaths as a whole have fallen 25% since 2005.

What is the problem?

The problem in Houston is systematic of the problem across the United States as bus companies continue to look for ways to lower their costs and improve their profits by any means necessary. It means older vehicles, less than stringent hiring policies, decreased inspections and oversight, and longer shifts for drivers.

Why are the buses unsafe?

Bus accidents are the result of mechanical problems, driver error or inattention, speeding or not abiding by traffic regulations, alcohol or drug use, and improper driver training. It’s the negligence of the bus company that puts you and your loved ones in peril and at risk to harm every time you step on board. 

What is my recourse if I’m injured?

The only way to improve safety conditions, ensure the well-being of your family, and empower the countless millions who ride the bus daily is to hold these companies accountable for their actions. It’s an uphill and unfair battle to seek fair compensation for any damages without the guidance and expertise of an experienced trial attorney to protect all your interests and loved ones.

Why Choose Zehl and Associates?

After a 3 week trial, Zehl and Associates recovered $18.8 million on behalf of our client, who herniated a disk in her lower back when a Greyhound bus flipped over after losing control on icy roads. Greyhound refused to offer more than $150,000 to settle the case before trial. The verdict remains the largest ever awarded in Greyhound’s corporate history and the largest accident verdict awarded in Texas.

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