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An Unfortunate Meeting Between an 18-Wheeler and a Motorcycle on I-10


A motorcyclist was hospitalized last month, after his bike had an unfortunate meet-up with an 18-wheeler along I-10 near Mobile, Alabama.

Motorcycle Rear-Ended Semi-Truck on I-10 Exit Ramp

The collision occurred at roughly 9:21 p.m., on Tuesday, August 28th.

Both the motorcycle and the semi-truck were travelling along the westbound I-10 exit ramp at Texas Street, when the bike collided with the rear of the 18-wheeler.

Mobile Fire-Rescue transferred the unidentified biker to Spring Hill Medical.

He was treated for minor injuries and is expected to recover.

Bikers 28 Times More Likely to Die in a Crash

While the crash remains under investigation, it is clear that the biker was extremely fortunate.

According to the Governor’s Safety Association, nearly 5,000 people died as a result of motorcycle crashes in 2017.

While motorcycle-related fatalities dropped 5.6% from 2016, bikers were still 28 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash.

Factors that contributed to motorcycle accidents last year included:

  • Alcohol Impairment: Roughly 25% of all motorcycle accidents involved drivers with a BAC over the legal limit.
  • Drug Impairment: The rate of motorcycle accidents was 3% higher in states with legalized marijuana.
  • Distracted Driving: Several states reported an increase in motorcycle accidents related to distracted driving in 2017, with Virginia leading the way.
  • Aging Biker Population: Riders over the age of 40 now comprise the greatest share of motorcyclist fatalities nationwide. In 2017, 1/3 of states reported that the majority of motorcycle crashes involved older riders.

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