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Pipeline Explosion Lawyers Investigate Colonial Pipeline Explosion in Shelby County, Alabama

An explosion on the Colonial Pipeline in Shelby County, Alabama on Monday, October 31st, tragically killed 1 worker, injured 6 more and left the entire region facing a second consecutive gasoline shortage.


The pipeline explosion, which occurred around 3 P.M. in the afternoon in Shelby County, was triggered when a track hoe being operated nearby struck the pipeline causing it to rupture and igniting the gas within, according to company representatives.

The explosion sent thick, black smoke high into the air where it was visible for miles.

It also caused 2 separate wildfires that burned over 31 acres of land combined, according to authorities.

Conditions were ripe as the area has been under a severe drought for weeks.

Reports are that as many as 9 contractors were working on the site when the pipeline exploded.

Details as to the condition of the injured workers remain scant at this time.

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