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ABC News Undercover Investigation Catches GM Dealers Selling Vehicles with Open Recalls on Them

GM dealers sold hundreds of vehicles with open recalls on them to customers during the last half of 2014, according to an ABC News Undercover Report released today.

GMA Investigates sent an undercover ABC News producer to several dealerships in both New York and New Jersey in order to see if he would be allowed to purchase a car or truck with an active, unfixed recall on it.

Sure enough, they were not disappointed.

ABC News started by identifying a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado with an open recall on it at Hawthorne Chevrolet in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

When the undercover producer showed up at the dealership and asked point blank if that particular truck had any active recalls on it, the salesman–named Arnie–responded without hesitation, “absolutely not.”

Later, after purchasing the vehicle and driving it off of the lot, ABC News ran the truck’s VIN number through GM’s website and there it was, an open, unrepaired recall.

The problem with that particular Silverado was no minor one either–it involved the potential for affected vehicles to unexpectedly shift into neutral causing the truck to suddenly lose power, even in the middle of traffic.

While Hawthorne Chevrolet’s President, when confronted about what happened, was quick to blame the problem on “human error,” the fact remains that under Federal law, no vehicle is allowed to be sold with an open, unrepaired recall on it. Period.

What’s worse, while GM dealers are selling vehicles under active recalls, GM itself is posting “much higher-than-expected” profits.

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