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$8 Million Policy-Limits Settlement Awarded to Family of Stevedore After 2-Week Trial in Brazoria County

Houston Maritime Lawyers - $8 Million Settlement

We are proud to announce a $8,000,000 full policy limits settlement by Zehl & Associates’s lawyers Matt Greenberg and Mike Streich. The settlement was finalized minutes before closing arguments after 2 weeks of trial in Brazoria County.


Our clients’ father, Jose Mireles, a union laborer, was loading an 18,000-pound crane part onto a trailer at the Horizon Terminal Services terminal at the Port of Freeport when one of the crane parts fell on him.  He was tragically killed almost instantly.

Jose was a giant of a man, who left behind a loving family, including three children – all of whom were represented by Zehl & Associates.

Jose’s death had a profound effect on his children, who, from the witness stand, somberly recounted the great void left in their lives by their father’s death.

Matt Greenberg and Mike Streich repeatedly demonstrated—through compelling testimony and evidence at trial—that although Horizon promised to supervise, oversee, and provide a safe workplace for the union labor, it did nothing to actually fulfill that promise. Instead, it left the union labor workers to fend for themselves.

Before trial, Horizon never offered more than $150,000 to settle the case.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to get this delightful family the justice they deserved.