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ADA Carbon Solutions Plant Explosion Leaves 2 Workers Burned in Coushatta, Louisiana


Two workers were hospitalized with burns last Thursday afternoon, after a massive explosion rocked the ADA Carbon Solutions plant in Coushatta, Louisiana.

Burned Workers Airlifted to Shreveport Hospital

First responders were called to the ADA Carbon Solutions plant, located at 209 Red River Mine Road just west of Coushatta, around 4:30 p.m. on April 22nd. According to the Red River Parish Journal, the blast occurred in an area located at the top of the facility where a conveyor belt transports coal from the ground.

Two workers with burns were initially treated at the scene by Red River EMS. But they were ultimately airlifted to University Health in Shreveport. Authorities have not identified either of the workers or released any information on their current condition.

Dennis Sewell, the Vice President of Manufacturing for the ADA plant, confirmed that a “small number” of additional workers “were also affected.” But he declined to specify how many and would not comment on the extent of their injuries.

 ADA Explosion Info Limited Due to Confidentiality Contracts

The ADA Carbon Solutions plant in Coushatta, Louisiana, opened in 2010 and is a major supplier of activated carbon to control mercury and other emissions at coal-fired power generators and other industrial facilities.

Few other details regarding last week’s explosion have been made available. According to KTBS,  confidentiality contracts signed with ADA prohibited the Red River Parish Fire Department and other responding agencies from commenting further.

The Red River Parish District Attorney was asked to review those agreements after KTBS raised questions about their legality.

OSHA Investigating Coushatta, Louisiana Plant Explosion

When asked by the Red River Parish Journal if there had been a fire inside the plant, Sewell would only respond that there had been an “incident.”

“We received assistance from the local fire department,” Sewell continued. “It is under control.  The fire department helped mitigate that.”

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the explosion at ADA Carbon Solutions. However, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is not, as no hazardous materials were emitted from the plant.

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