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Massive Explosion Erupts After 18-Wheeler Collides with Bnsf Railroad Train Near Cameron, Texas


Authorities in Texas are responding to a massive explosion that was triggered earlier this morning when an 18-wheeler collided with a BNSF train just outside of Cameron.

14 Tanker Cars Derailed, 3 Exploded and Caught Fire

The February 23rd crash occurred shortly before 7:00 a.m. at a railroad crossing located near Farm-to-Market Road 2095. The explosion erupted just seconds later, releasing a cloud of thick black smoke and flames that could be seen for miles.

While it’s not clear what exactly led up to the accident, officials have confirmed that the semi-truck hit the side of the BNSF train before being deflected away. Fourteen tanker cars derailed, including three carrying coal and gasoline that exploded and caught fire.

The train was also hauling hazardous materials. But fortunately, those tanker cars were located at the back of the train and are out of range of the fire. Officials maintain that the blaze poses no airborne danger, and they only ordered evacuations because of the intense heat generated by the flames.

“There was some hazardous materials a little farther back, so by the grace of God, we were saved on that one,” Milam County Sheriff Chris White told KXAN TV.

Tanker Car Fire Could Continue to Burn for Hours

It’s not yet known if anyone was injured, but no fatalities were reported. The driver of the 18-wheeler and the train conductor both survived the crash. The fire did reach a house located along the tracks, but everyone inside was safely evacuated before the structure burned down.

Agencies responding to the scene include the Cameron Fire Department, the Rosebud Voluntary Fire Department, and the Temple Fire Department. A Bnsf hazmat crew is also onsite, and additional personnel is expected to arrive from Dallas and Houston.

There’s no timeline for when the blaze might be brought under control. Because the fire is so hot, crews must await the arrival of heavy foam before they’re able to extinguish the flames. For now, the tanker cars will continue to burn.

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