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$1,300,000 Settlement for Offshore Worker

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Zehl & Associates is proud to announce a $1.3 Million settlement on behalf of a Louisiana barge foreman who suffered a low back injury after being ordered to lift and carry extremely heavy plates up to a crane.  He was ultimately diagnosed with a small herniation in his lower back.

Our Offshore Injury Lawyers hired liability experts that proved the supervisor should have assigned at least 2 men to complete these heavy lifts safely but, due to an improper and unqualified crew, our client was the only worker assigned to make the lifts.

After taking the supervisor’s deposition—in which he admitted cutting corners in the interest of keeping down costs—the case settled at mediation for an amount that left the client with the financial resources he needed to stop working offshore while still maintaining the comfortable lifestyle he knew before the injury.

Attorney’s Fees: $520,000

Case Expenses: $13,100