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2016 Winner – The Zehl & Associates, PC Texas Superhero Scholarship

We are excited to announce that Jacob Rivera isthe recipient of the first annual Zehl & Associates, PC Texas Superhero Scholarship. Applicants were asked create a video and written essay discussing the superhero that has influenced their education and how the scholarship will help them reach their goals. Jacobs passion for education is apparent and we hope that this scholarship will help him to achieve his dreams and aspirations, both personally and professionally. We are proud to help a young member of the Texas community to further his educational aspirations. Congratulations Jacob.

Watch and read Jacob’s application below.


Peter Parker is a teenage nerd that faces the same challenges as many teenagers in high school face. With the exception that he was granted superpowers after he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Although he would be out all night fighting crime Peter Parker would still have to come home to his job, homework, and school the following day.

I might not spend my afternoons fighting crime, but I face some of the same challenges as Peter Parker. Working as a lifeguard, holding officer positions, and maintaining my academics requires time and dedication. However, I value education and know that my perseverance through my academic challenges will provide me with the skills and opportunities necessary to pursue my career. Peter Parker is able to find this balance between crime fighting and school while I myself manage to balance my hectic schedule. As an AP student, I always seem to want more time in order to do homework, work, or relax. To see my hero juggle an unimaginable schedule inspires me to continue persevering through my academics.

On top of maintaining my academics, I am involved in clubs that have allowed me the opportunity to participate in volunteering and community service events. Some of these events included; working canned food drives and preparing meals for those in need. These experiences have made me realize that I would like to pursue a career path that will positively affect the lives of others. The feeling of helping others is like no other, and it is clear as to why Spiderman continues to help others despite the eminent danger he puts himself in

I believe all of my hard work and dedication to my academics will help me achieve my dreams of pursuing my academic career through college. My dreams are bigger than just making good grades in school; my grades are just the stepping-stone to the path that will lead me to a career in the medical field. I have always envisioned myself in a career in the medical field. The idea of being able to nurse a person back to health or alleviate a patient’s pain from a chronic illness inspires me. I have chosen to become a Physicians Assistant as my career path, in order to continue helping and affecting the lives of others just like a superhero.

My father has been unemployed since May 2015 and my family’s ability to fund not only my college expenses, but also my brother’s college expenses has been greatly hindered. No matter the amount, any form of financial aid will help me along my academic journey. If I were to receive this scholarship it will bring me just a little bit closer to achieving my goal to become a physician’s assistant. It goes without saying college is not cheap, but that isn’t going to stop me despite my financial status. Before Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider his life was rough, but once he was granted his superpowers things got better. Now Zehl and Associates will you be my radioactive spider?

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