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What is my personal injury claim worth?

There is no simple answer to the question, “what is my personal injury claim worth?”

While there are some legal websites offering personal injury claim calculators, the best personal injury attorneys in Houston, TX, will tell you the truth, which is that every personal injury claim is unique, and the potential dollar amount of your claim depends on a variety of factors including:

  • The type and severity of the injuries
  • the amount of your lost wages and earning capacity
  • your past, present, and future medical costs
  • the amount of insurance coverage available to cover your losses, and
  • your lawyer’s reputation for actually taking cases to trial and winning

If you really want to know how much your personal injury claim is potentially worth, your best option is to find an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.

There is often a strict statute of limitations on filing personal injury claims, which means there is a ticking clock if you wish to move forward. To get started on a personal injury case in Texas, contact Zehl & Associates today. Zehl & Associates is a leading national personal injury law firm with headquarters in both Houston and Austin, Texas. Unlike most personal injury law firms, every Zehl & Associates injury attorney is a trial lawyer, who regularly goes to court—and wins—for our clients. Zehl & Associates is also known for securing some of the largest accident verdicts and settlements in Texas and in defendants’ corporate histories.

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But really, how can I find out how much my personal injury claim is actually worth?

Any law firm offering a “personal injury claim calculator” or making specific estimates about the dollar value of your claim isn’t being honest with you. In all likelihood, they’re just trying to convince you to hire their law firm.

There are no guarantees when filing a lawsuit, and the best injury attorneys will let you know this up front.

At Zehl & Associates, for example, our lawyers will evaluate all factors, including the specific facts of your case, jurisdiction, your job and current wages, courts where your case can be filed, medical history and treatment, and more before offering any sort of estimate on the value of your claim.

We’ll also make sure to get you to the best treating doctors to assist with your recovery, and we’ll devote all our resources throughout the duration of your case in order to preserve (and maximize) its value every step of the way.

What kind of compensation can I receive for a personal injury accident in Texas?

There are generally three types of compensation, or “damages” that injury victims are entitled to:

  • Economic Damages (also known as compensatory damages): Economic damages are meant to compensate a victim for specific financial costs associated with the accident.
  • These damages can include things like lost income, lost earning capacity, property loss, medical bills, future healthcare costs, or burial costs in the event of a wrongful death.
  • General & Non-Economic Damages: Because these types of damages are often related to more abstract damages, there is no simple way to calculate their value in a settlement. That is one of the main reasons it can be so difficult to predict how much a claim is worth.
  • General damages include things like emotional distress, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and physical impairment and disfigurement
  • Punitive Damages: Finally, in extreme cases, punitive damages are awarded to punish a defendant for particularly damning behavior. Punitive damages are typically only awarded when there is clear evidence that the defendant acted with malice, fraud, wantonness, and a total indifference to the consequences of his or her (or its) actions. For instance, in a car or truck accident caused by a drunk driver, the defendant may be liable for severe punitive damages to their victims.

I can’t afford a lawyer, how much does it cost to file a personal injury claim in Texas?

Accident and injury victims have already paid enough, which is why the best personal injury law firms do not charge their clients anything to move forward with their case. In addition to a free, no-commitment consultation, Zehl & Associates always works on a contingency fee, meaning there is no cost to pursue a claim or go to court. Your personal injury attorneys only receive payment when you do.

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If you or a loved one were injured or tragically killed as a result of someone else’s reckless or negligent conduct, our personal injury lawyers can help.

Having won over $1 Billion for our clients in the past 5 years alone, our personal injury lawyers have the experience, resources, skill and ability to ensure that you and your family are fully compensated for your injuries and damages.