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Undefeated Plant and Refinery Explosion Lawyers with Over $750 Million Recovered

In addition to being undefeated at trial, our Plant Explosion Lawyers have successfully represented over 500 plant, pipeline and refinery workers across the country, won over $750 Million in connection with the largest industrial accidents and explosions in recent history, and recovered 2 of the largest verdicts and 2 of the largest settlements in Texas —all in the past 5 years alone.

We’ve Successfully Represented Over 500 Workers in Connection with Every Major Workplace Explosion in Recent History

We’re also one of the only law firms in the country to have represented workers in connection with every catastrophic workplace explosion in recent history:

  • we obtained record-setting settlements for over 100 workers injured during the BP Texas City explosion
  • we recently obtained highly favorable (and confidential) settlements for over 60 workers injured during the Williams Geismar explosion
  • we obtained some of the largest settlements in history on behalf of 5 of the workers who were severely injured onboard the BP Deepwater Horizon
  • we obtained highly favorable (and confidential) settlements for over 100 workers injured during the Imperial Sugar refinery explosion
  • we represent 3 of the 4 workers who were tragically killed in the October 2015 Williams Gibson pipeline explosion

Our Plant Explosion Lawyers are Undefeated at Trial

Our Plant & Refinery Explosion Lawyers devote whatever time and resources are necessary to ensuring that our clients and their families recover the maximum compensation available.  We do that by refusing to accept inadequate settlement offers and preparing our case for trial — where all of our attorneys remain undefeated.

In every single explosion case that our firm has been involved with, our Refinery Explosion Lawyers have won the largest verdicts or settlements in the shortest amount of time possible.

For example, while it took many law firms over 5 years to resolve their cases against BP and Transocean following the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, our Plant Explosion Lawyers were able to negotiate a highly favorable (and confidential) settlement less than 18 months after the explosion on behalf of 5 workers injured onboard the rig.

But our experience isn’t limited to fighting BP.

Our Plant Explosion Lawyers also successfully represented over 500 workers who were injured during the:

  • Williams Geismar Explosion
  • Imperial Sugar Refinery Explosion;
  • International Paper Explosion; and
  • ConocoPhillips Explosion.

Our repeated success both in and out of the courtroom confirms that our Plant and Pipeline Explosion Lawyers have the skills, resources and experience to take on and defeat the largest companies in the World so that our clients and their family members are fully compensated for all their injuries and damages.

We Do More than Just Win: We Set Records

In the past 3 years alone, our Plant and Refinery explosion attorneys have won:

  • 2 of the largest accident verdicts in Texas
  • 2 of the largest settlements in Texas
  • over $750 Million for our clients, and
  • the largest verdicts and settlements in our opponents’ histories

In addition to ensuring that our clients are fully compensated for their injuries and damages, our Trial Lawyers and staff make sure that:

  • you are able to see the best doctors and specialists available;
  • you have the financial resources to pay your medical bills and necessary living expenses while your case is pending; and
  • you have access to the best financial professionals and advisors to ensure that you are able to cover your cost of living and medical expenses after your case is resolved either through settlement or at trial.

Our Industrial Explosion Lawyers regularly handle cases across Texas, Louisiana and the rest of the United States on behalf of workers who were injured at

  • Petrochemical plants
  • Pipelines
  • Offshore and onshore oil rigs and platforms
  • Oil refineries
  • Paper mills
  • Chemical Plants

Having successfully represented over 500 workers injured during some of the most catastrophic workplace explosions and accidents in recent history, our personal injury lawyers have been able to assemble a team of experts and engineers to recreate the accident and assist us in determining the cause and how the explosion could have been prevented.

Our Accident and Explosion Attorneys have learned, through experience, that workplace accidents are almost always preventable. Whether an employer failed to follow standard operating procedures or recklessly ignored or violated safety policies to increase profits, our Plant Explosion Lawyers will do everything possible to establish that the Company was at fault and to ensure that our clients are fully compensated for all their injuries and damages.

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