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Payless Shoesource Employment Violations

With over 4,500 locations and 27,550 employees across the entire United States, Payless ShoeSource, under parent company Collective Brands, Inc., is currently the 98th-largest retailer in America. A company of this size, employing such a large number of people, has a legal, as well as ethical, responsibility to treat its employees in accordance with any and all applicable federal and state wage and employment laws. Unfortunately, over the past few years a number of employees have begun to come forward with serious allegations against Payless. These allegations include:

  • Having employees work after they have clocked out in order to clean up the store and prepare it for closing;
  • Not paying employees for lunch breaks;
  • Requiring employees to work overtime without overtime pay; and
  • Requiring employees to pay for their own uniforms and workshoes.

Each and every one of these courses of action constitutes a clear violation of employment and/or wage laws. These laws were enacted in 1937 under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to protect employees from being overworked by establishing the 40-hour work week and mandating overtime pay for any excess hours. When a large company like Payless ShoeSource chooses to intentionally violate the law and cheat its employees out of the money they deserve, that company must be held accountable for its actions. Federal and state employment and wage laws exist to provide you with recourse against your employer in the event that your rights are trampled upon. Don’t let Payless steal money out of your pocket! If you or someone you know works for Payless, or any other large retailer, and has been cheated out of overtime pay contact the experienced overtime lawsuit lawyers at Zehl & Associates, LLP for a free initial consultation by phone at (713) 491-6064. The wage lawyers at Zehl & Associates, LLP have successfully helped numerous clients with their Payless Shoe store wage lawsuits over the years. Let our overtime lawsuit attorneys help you today.