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Hail Damages

Texas Hail Damage Lawyers

From Dallas to McAllen and everywhere in between, hail storms are an unfortunate fact of life in Texas. That’s why responsible citizens carry insurance. But, what happens when your insurance company, after years of happily taking your premiums, undervalues your hail damage claim or worse, refuses to pay at all?

That’s when you owe it to yourself to contact the Texas Hail Damage Lawyers at Zehl & Associates as soon as possible. Our attorneys will shoulder the burden, utilizing their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure you receive maximum compensation for all of your damages, in a reasonable amount of time.

Not All Hail Damage Lawyers Are Equal

While many firms claim to handle bad faith hail damage claims, in reality most have little or no experience.

In the past 2 years alone, our Hail Damage Attorneys have successfully recovered over $15 Million in settlementsand verdicts on behalf of over 500 property owners who experienced hail damage. It’s what we do.

All consultations are free and because our firm works exclusively on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay unless we recover money for you.

Common “Reasons” Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Paying your Claim

  • “The damage to your property doesn’t meet your deductible.”
  • “Your damage was caused by flooding, not hail, so the damage is not covered under the policy.”
  • “The damage to your roof is minimal so only minor repairs are necessary.”
  • “The damage to the inside of your home or business is not covered because the hail did not actually cause an opening in your roof.”
  • “Your insurance policy was not in effect at the time of the hail storm.”
  • “You waited too long to report your claim.”
  • “You did not mitigate your damages (i.e. take steps to stop further damage to your home or business following the hail storm), so we do not have to pay.”
  • “Your damage was pre-existing or the result of a defect in construction, it was not caused by hail.”

Whatever You Do, Don’t Accept the Insurance Company’s First Offer

Insurance adjusters are often quick to casually inspect a home or business and then turn around to submit low-ball damage estimates to the insurance company. While any obvious damage to the roof, shingles or windows will be noted, adjusters rarely go the extra mile to properly investigate and determine the full extent of the damage. Many even lack the training and knowledge necessary to spot serious underlying problems. That could leave you needing a completely new roof, without the money to pay for it.

The reason for this? Simple. It’s because insurance companies don’t want to know the full extent of the damage. They would rather pressure you into accepting an inadequate settlement, sometimes pennies on the dollar, so that they can preserve their profit margin at your expense.

Our Hail Damage Lawyers can Help. Call 1-888-984-1391 for a Free Consult

Our Hail Damage Attorneys will immediately send out a qualified contractor to thoroughly inspect your home or business and identify ALL of the damage to your property, from top to bottom. Once we know exactly what you’re owed, we’ll fight to make sure that you are properly compensated for ALL of your damages.

Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation at 1-888-984-1391