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Hurricane Damages

Protect Yourself- Houston Hurricane Lawyers Protect you Against Insurance Companies

Home owners apply for and obtain home owner’s insurance and flood insurance to protect their valuable property in the event of a flood, natural disaster and from theft. But, they all hope that they never have to file an insurance claim. Hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, tornados and wind damage are all possibilities for home owners, depending upon which portion of the country that they call home.

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike has recently caused a substantial amount of damage within Houston, Galveston and the surrounding areas. Home owners are going to be seeking assistance financially from their insurance companies in the coming months to repair damage and in some cases, rebuild their homes. Unfortunately, some will underpay or avoid paying Houston and Galveston homeowners for their losses.

In some cases none of the hurricane insurance claim will be paid, and in others, only a portion of the total claim will be paid, putting many Texas homeowners in a comprising financial position. Without the funds to repair or re-build Texas properties, many individuals will be without anywhere to call home.

Texas Insurance Law Protects Consumers

The good news is that Texas law is on the side of the homeowners, protecting them from hurricane insurance disputes that the insurance companies don’t want to settle. Homeowner’s do not have to give up when an insurance company tries to tell them that they don’t have hurricane insurance coverage, or their claim simply isn’t covered by the insurance policy.

What the insurance companies don’t tell the policy holders is that Texas law is protective of consumer rights with regard to hurricane and many other insurance claims. Homeowners who have been financially damaged due to deceptive insurance company practices or their claims being denied or underpaid are protected under Texas law. They, however, usually won’t pay without a fight.

Rather than trying to fight these complicated battles on their own, many homeowners have contacted the experienced Bad Faith Insurance Dispute lawyers at Zehl & Associates PC. Our lawyers fight to get prompt and fair settlements for our clients and make sure the insurance companies pay what their obligated to pay. Our Texas hurricane lawyers work with home owners to outline a strategic approach to the best and most beneficial insurance settlement, enabling Texas homeowners to re-build their lives and their properties following damage from hurricanes such as Ike.

If you or someone you know has been denied or underpaid on a property damage claim caused by Hurricane Ike, call our toll-free number or click here to email an experienced Bad Faith Insurance Dispute lawyer at Zehl & Associates PC today for a free case evaluation.