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Hurricane Harvey Wind Damage Lawyers

The catastrophic flooding that accompanied Hurricane Harvey has received most of the media attention since the storm made landfall in Texas on August 25, 2017.

Harvey, however, was the most intense hurricane to hit the United States since 2004. When it came ashore at Rockport as a Category 4 storm, Harvey’s 130-mph winds left behind a scene of near-apocalyptic destruction, which could take residents and businesses years to rebuild.

The obstacles facing Texas residents along the coast are now even greater as a result of result of the September 1, 2017 changes to the Texas State Insurance Code, which make it more difficult for policyholders to purse penalties, interest and other damages when their homeowner’s insurance company acts in bad faith.

Our Undefeated Hurricane Wind Damage Lawyers have helped thousands of business and homeowners throughout Texas and the United States hold their insurers accountable when they attempted to improperly deny, delay, or underpay legitimate hurricane wind damage claims.

Our Undefeated Attorneys Will Devote Whatever Resources Necessary to Ensuring You’re Fully Compensated for Your Damages

Having recovered over $1 billion for our clients in just the past 10 years alone, our undefeated attorneys have the experience, resources, and knowledge to hold insurance companies accountable for refusing to fully compensate our clients for their property damages.

Hurricane Harvey is on track to be one of the most expensive storms in the nation’s history and could cost insurers more than $50 billion.  Given their focus on limiting payouts and increasing profits, insurance companies will do everything possible to limit their Harvey-related losses, including arbitrarily and wrongfully denying, low-balling, and delaying legitimate claims.

Our Experienced Hurricane Wind Damage Attorneys will answer your questions, help you determine the best option moving forward, and assist you in doing everything necessary to preserve your rights to recover penalties, interest and other bad faith damages from your insurance company in the event they fail to fully compensate you for your losses.

All consultations are free and, because we represent our clients on a contingency-fee basis, you’ll pay nothing unless we win your case.

Call 1-888-603-3636 or Click Here to contact an Undefeated Hurricane Harvey Wind Damage Lawyers for your Free, No-obligation legal consultation.

Texas Wind Damage Claims

The  Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) provides wind and hailstorm coverage to property owners in the following first-tier coastal counties:

  • Aransa
  • Brazoria
  • Calhoun
  • Cameron
  • Chambers
  • Galveston
  • Jefferson
  • Kenedy
  • Kleberg
  • Matagorda
  • Nueces
  • Refugio
  • San Patricio
  • Willacy

The TWIA also provides coverage to properties located in parts of Harris County east of Highway 146 on Galveston Bay.

If you carry windstorm insurance through the TWIA, you can File a Claim Online or call 1-800-788-8247.

If you live outside TWIA coverage areas and sustained wind damage in Hurricane Harvey, you should report your claim to your homeowner’s insurance company.

For help with contact information, check the Texas Department of Insurance’s Company Lookup or call its Consumer Help Line at 1-800-252-3439.

NOTE REGARDING DAMAGES FROM FLOODING: Standard Homeowners policies and those obtained through the TWIA DO NOT cover damage from flooding, including flood caused by rain or storm surge.

Flood insurance is provided through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

Your Insurance Company Owes You a Fiduciary Duty to Handle Your Hurricane Harvey Claims in Good Faith

Our experience representing Texas hurricane victims after Rita and Ike has shown that insurers will do everything in their power to limit payouts following catastrophic disasters like Harvey.  In fact, the more severe the damage, the more likely it is for your insurance company to either deny, delay or underpay your claim.

The fact that Harvey has caused over $100 Billion in property damages, it’s likely that a significant number of Harvey’s victims will experience unnecessary delays during the claims process, have their claims underpaid, or have their claims wrongfully denied.

Unfortunately, changes to the Texas State Insurance Code that became effective on September 1, 2017, will likely make it easier to underpay or deny windstorm claims. While claims filed through the TWIA are not affected by these changes, special laws passed by the Texas legislature in 2011 have also made it harder for Texas residents who sustained wind damages in “coastal counties” to recover “bad faith” damages, such as penalties, interest and other punitive damages from their insurer.

Despite the recent changes to Texas insurance regulations, however, insurers still have a fiduciary due to fully investigate and pay valid wind and hailstorm claims in good faith. Once a policyholder files a claim, the insurance company must:

  • Acknowledge the claim, begin its investigation, and request any necessary statements, items, or forms within 15 days;
  • Accept or deny the claims within 15 business days (the insurance company may request extension of up to 45 days to complete this step);
  • Pay the accepted claim within 60 days of receiving any requested material;
  • Pay the accepted claim no later than 5 business days after notification of impending payment.

Our Attorneys Will Help you Recover Your Full Property Damages, as well as Penalties and Interest for Any Bad Faith in Handling Your Claim

If your insurance company has improperly denied, underpaid or delayed your Hurricane Harvey Wind Damage Claim, you shouldn’t continue attempting to negotiate with them on your own, as it could jeopardize your ability to recover penalties and interest under the recent (September 1, 2017) changes to the Texas Insurance Code.

Our Experienced attorneys have helped thousands of people throughout Texas and the United State hold insurance companies accountable when they act in bad faith by improperly denying and underpaying claims.

Our expert adjusters and engineers will thoroughly inspect your property, determine what damages were overlooked and/or undervalued by your insurer, and make every effort to resolve your case out of court.

If the insurance company refuses to compensate you for your full damages, we’ll begin preparing your case for trial—where our lawyers remain undefeated.

Our aggressive approach means we will NEVER entertain an ­­inadequate settlement offer that fails to fully compensate you for all of your losses and damages.   This approach has not only distinguished our lawyers as some of the best trial lawyers in the country, but it’s resulted in over $1 Billion in settlements and verdicts for our clients throughout Texas and the United States.

Insurance Company Delayed, Denied our Underpaid your Claim? Contact Our Undefeated Texas Hurricane Damage Lawyers for a Free Consult by Calling 1-888-603-3636 or Click Here.

If your insurance company has denied, underpaid or is delaying your claim, they could be liable for penalties, interest and other “bad faith” damages.

Our Undefeated Hurricane Insurance Claim Lawyers will take the time to answer all your questions and fully explain all of your legal options. They’ll also make sure you understand how the September 1, 2017 changes to the Texas State Insurance Code could affect your claim, so that you don’t surrender any of your legal rights to recover damages from your insurer.

To obtain a Free, No-obligation legal review with our experienced attorneys, call 1-888-603-3636 or complete the “Contact Us” form on this page.