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Injured Offshore Worker Discusses Why Z&A is the “Only Law Firm to Go With”


Mr. David severely injured his shoulder while working offshore in Louisiana. When the company learned that he was going to require 4 rods in his shoulder and would never be able to work offshore again, they terminated him.

In less than 18 months after filing his lawsuit, our Offshore Injury Lawyers reached a highly favorable settlement that fully compensated Mark for his injuries and loss of income and ensured that he receives the best medical treatment available for the rest of his life.

Mark describes his experience with our Maritime Lawyers and why he believes that Zehl & Associates is the “only law firm to go with.”

We were Understaffed and Rushed to get the Job Done

Mark: We were working offshore prepping for diving. It was a job I had done many times before. Why this time was any different really was we were understaffed, but we also all realized that we had a job to do. We had to get it done with what we had.

My Shoulder Muscles had Completely Detached form my Rotar Cuff

I went in and seen the doctors when I got back home, and they confirmed with the MRIs I had torn a muscle loose from the bone. They ended up having to put four anchors in my shoulder, and stitch the muscles back to the bone so everything would heal correctly.

The Company’s Response: I was Terminated and my Health Insurance was Cut Off

The company actually didn’t care. They laid me off, and as a result of getting laid off I lost my insurance, started to have to live off my savings and my 401(k). That’s actually when I realized that when my savings started going down, down, down, that’s when I realized I needed help and guidance to know how to handle this, with somebody that had been through it before.

I Hired Zehl & Associates to Protect My Family and Me

Then I ended up finding Zehl & Associates, and it was apparent that they actually cared about me, cared about my case, cared about doing the right thing, doing what was right. They didn’t make you feel like a client. They actually treat you like a person. They care about you, and they’re there to get it resolved, to get it resolved as quickly as they can. They’re fair and honest people, and made me feel comfortable. I can’t say enough about them.

“The Only Law Firm to Go With is Zehl & Associates”

There’s no hesitation. The only law firm to go with is Zehl and Associates. If I knew anybody that needed an attorney or someone to represent them, and had been injured, offshore or not, I would have them call Zehl & Associates.