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Truck Accident Lawyer Ryan Zehl Interviewed About Fatal I-35 Crash in Forth Worth   

Fort Worth Fatal Truck Accident on I-35

A new Fort Worth Star-Telegram report sheds more light on the tragic truck accident that claimed four lives and severely injured two more on I-35 in Fort Worth on September 11, 2023.   The newspaper was able to review previously unreleased TxDOT crash footage of the accident and has startling new revelations about how the deadly event took place.  

Houston truck accident attorney Ryan Zehl is representing the family of one of the victims tragically killed in the September 11 crash.

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Four Killed and Two Injured in 10 Seconds Time 

Only 10 seconds elapsed from the time of first impact to the moment the 18-wheeler finally came to rest, after plowing through the vehicles and 6 people in the shoulder.    

“This is the most horrific commercial motor vehicle crash I’ve ever been involved in,” Zehl & Associates managing partner Ryan Zehl tells the Star-Telegram — and he has represented close to 1,000 victims of catastrophic truck accidents.  

Young Mother and 3 Bystanders Tragically Lost Lives in Deadly Truck Crash  

About two minutes before the 18-wheeler came barreling toward them, multiple motorists had stopped to check on our client, Susana Longoria, whose Chrysler had struck the highway median after a minor fender-bender. These Good Samaritans included the drivers of a pickup truck, a semi-truck cab, and two Hyundai vehicles, who got out of their vehicles to assist her. 

What happened next, Ryan tells the Star-Telegram, is unimaginable. 

“A white Freightliner semi-truck traveling at a high speed in the far-left lane drove onto the shoulder and crashed into Susana and the five others who were assisting.   

Susana, a 31-year-old nursing student and beloved mother, as well as three of the Good Samaritans, were tragically killed in the multi-impact crash.” Only two survived. 

Truck Should Not Have Been Driving in Left Lane 

Our truck accident attorneys want to know why the truck driver was driving in the fast lane to begin with.  Trucks are prohibited from driving in the left lane on this stretch of I-35.

Signs just 1.25 miles from the crash explicitly say:


Truck Driver Should Not Have Been Behind the Wheel 

Our investigation has also found that the Ben E. Keith driver should never have been behind the wheel in the first place.  

According to his certified Texas driver’s record, he’s had multiple crashes and six speeding tickets, factors that his employer, Fort Worth-based food distribution company Ben E. Keith, are legally required to know.  

“Continuing to employ a driver with that record is grossly negligent on the company’s part,” Ryan tells the Star-Telegram.   

Additionally, cell phone data shows that the driver had just started the first day of a night shift after a weekend off. The change in his sleep schedule likely contributed to fatigue, a significant factor in deadly truck accidents. Research indicates that 1 in 5 crashes involving large trucks are caused by fatigue

It’s also likely that he was driving while distracted. Distracted driving contributes to as many as 70% of commercial vehicle accidents in the U.S. each year.  

Something we can say definitively, right now, is that he was driving fast, way too fast — especially at night, in a massive 80,000 pound truck.

Data from the truck’s black box recorder indicates he was going between 68 mph to 70 mph. 

At just 55 mph, an 18-wheeler requires about 50% more time to stop that a passenger vehicle traveling the same speed, per the Federal Highway Administration. 

“His foot was on the accelerator 100 percent,” Ryan says.   

Trucking Company Must Be Held Accountable  

We are going to find out why this horrific and completely preventable truck accident took place and claimed 4 innocent lives.   

“We are known for holding companies accountable, and we’re going to devote whatever resources necessary to delivering justice to our client’s family,” said Zehl.   

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