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How Do You Settle a Personal Injury Claim?


Whether you’re able to settle a personal injury case depends on a number of things.

Number one is going to be the severity of the person’s injuries. Right? Are they actually injured? Do they require future medical care? What are their past medical expenses? That’s the damages aspect.

The second aspect is going to be liability. Did the company or person that you’re suing actually caused your injury and were they negligent? By negligent I mean, did they engage in conduct that was unreasonable, dangerous and harmful?

The third factor, and the one that really distinguishes our firm, I think, is, that the defendants and the insurance companies know which law firms will take cases to trial and which law firms will just take whatever they offer in settlement. They know that Zehl & Associates takes cases to court. They know that we have some of the largest verdicts in history. They know that we never hesitate to go to trial when we need to.

The more we win in court, the more cases settled at a court. If you looked at our entire docket of cases you wouldd probably find that 90 or 95% do end up settling before trial, and in the five or 10% that do go to trial, you’ll find that we’ve won some of the largest verdicts in history. If you’re wondering “dow do you settle a personal injury claim?”, call us. You’ll always feel to talk to one of lawyers, there’s no fee involved, it’s free, and we’ll answer whatever questions you have and help you get a result.

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