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PTSD from an Accident


PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a disorder characterized by persistent mental and emotional stress that occurs as a result of an injury or severe shock.

PTSD is something that most people are familiar with because of its prevalence among our military troops and Armed Forces.

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that it is just as common after a life-threatening event like a refinery explosion, pipeline explosion, serious burn, fire, 18-wheeler accident as it is in the military.

This means that many cases of PTSD may go unrecognized simply because there is a general lack of awareness of its prevalence in situations outside of the military.

At Zehl & Associates, we are very aware of the long-term and short-term consequences of living with PTSD. What separates our firm from other firms is not only the settlements we’ve been able to get for people with post-traumatic stress disorder but also our ability to recognize it.

We’re able to get you to the right psychiatrists and psychologists, who can help you to treat your symptoms, support you, and guide you through some of the most difficult times of your life.

Unless your lawyer has dealt with cases involving post-traumatic stress as a result of serious explosions and other accidents, they’re either going to ignore it altogether or they’re not going to understand how pervasive of an effect it can have on you and your family. This means they won’t be able to represent you to the best of their ability, which could impact your ability to achieve a fair settlement.

Over $1 Billion and Record Verdicts and Settlements for Our Clients

With over $1 Billion recovered and the largest verdicts and settlements in history, Zehl & Associates has the experience, skills, and resources needed to hold the largest companies in the world accountable and ensure that our clients receive the maximum compensation available.

If you’ve been involved in a life-threatening accident, in an explosion, if you’ve been burned or had other serious injuries, give us a call. It doesn’t cost you anything, I will talk to you personally and we can talk about what you’ve gone through, what your best options are and how we can help.

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