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Corpus Christi Explosion Attorneys

Undefeated Corpus Christi, Texas Plant and Refinery Explosion Lawyers

Corpus Christi, Texas, is home to hundreds of industrial sites, including chemical plants, petroleum refineries, and oil and gas storage facilities.  While these operations provide thousands of jobs and pour billions of dollars into the local economy, the vast quantities of flammable liquids and volatile gases at these sites present a real danger for workers and the surrounding community.

Our Corpus Christi Explosion Lawyers have won billions of dollars for explosion victims and their families throughout Texas and across the United States, consistently winning the #1 largest verdicts and settlements in history against the largest corporations in the world:

To hear what our clients have to say about their experience with our Undefeated Texas Explosion Lawyers, just visit our Client Testimonial page or our firm’s YouTube Channel.

What Distinguishes Our Corpus Christi Explosion Attorneys from Other Law Firms?

There are hundreds of personal injury firms in the Corpus Christi region and throughout the state of Texas that claim to represent explosion victims.

So, what distinguishes our Corpus Christi Explosion Lawyers from these other law firms?

  • We’re trial lawyers who—in addition to being Undefeated—have recovered the largest verdicts and settlements in Texas and the United States.
  • We ensure that explosion victims and their families receive the best medical care available and the maximum recovery possible.
  • We’ve successfully represented over 1,000 workers injured in the worst industrial explosions and accidents in recent history.

After a catastrophic explosion, the companies responsible will hire teams of lawyers with the sole purpose of paying you and your family as little money as possible for your injuries and losses.

But with Zehl & Associates on your side, they won’t be able to intimidate you into agreeing to a low-ball settlement. We begin preparing every case for trial from day one, never accept inadequate settlement offers, and always fight for the absolute maximum compensation possible for our clients and their families.

Injured in a Corpus Christi Explosion?  Contact Our Undefeated Explosion Lawyers for a Free Consultation at 1-888-603-3636 or by Clicking Here.

When a preventable explosion has robbed you of the ability to provide for yourself and your family, you need Explosion Lawyers with the experience, resources, and dedication to not only fight for you but to win.  As our record confirms, we don’t just win for our clients – we set records.

When you hire our Explosion Attorneys, we’ll commit all of our time and resources to holding the responsible parties accountable, so you’ll be able to access the best medical care available and have the financial resources to provide for yourself and your family for the rest of your lives.

Major Corpus Christi Explosions

Strategically located near major United States oil and gas production areas, including the Eagle Ford Shale and the Permian Basin, the energy industry is a major driver of Corpus Christi’s economy.

In fact, since a ban on crude oil exports was lifted in December 2015, the Port of Corpus Christi has emerged as the nation’s top oil export port. The Port is also a major crude oil refinery hub, with six refineries producing crude oil, diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, naphtha, jet fuel, and other petroleum-based commodities.

As a center for the oil and gas industry, Corpus Christi has also seen more than its share of major industrial explosions and accidents in recent years. The most serious incidents included:

Magellan Midstream Tank Explosion

On December 8, 2020, seven Shelton Services contractors suffered burns when an empty oil storage tank exploded at a petroleum processing facility operated by Houston, Texas-based Magellan Midstream.

The contractors, some of whom sustained critical burns, were cleaning sludge from the tank when the blast occurred. People living near the facility were ordered to shelter-in-place for about two hours.

Orion Barge Accident and Pipeline Explosion

On August 21, 2020, a marine barge owned by Houston, Texas-based Orion Group Holdings Inc. struck a submerged propane pipeline during dredging operations in the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The collision ignited a fire that quickly spread to a grain elevator.

Eight Orion crew were injured in the blast, and four were reported missing in the immediate aftermath. The remains of two were recovered later that morning, while their comrades’ remains were discovered two days later.

A fifth crewmember died of his injuries in November 2020.

Port Aransas Barge

The Buster Bouchard tugboat exploded shortly after 4:00 a.m. on October 20, 2017, as the vessel was transporting 144,000 barrels of crude oil to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Searchers recovered the remains of one missing crewmember several days after the blast. A second was never found and is presumed dead.

Federal investigators later determined that the explosion was triggered by flammable vapors that had been allowed to accumulate in a void space. They’re probe documented two cracks near the original bulkhead. Because these cracks were never repaired, the integrity of the number one port tank had been compromised.

Our Clients Receive Unprecedented Recoveries and Unparalleled Support

Whether they occur onshore or offshore or involve a refinery, chemical plant, or pipeline, industrial explosions cause catastrophic damage.

When these tragedies strike, the impact is immediate and devastating; explosion victims need immediate and specialized medical care and Experienced Explosion Attorneys with the resources, skills and experience to stand up against the largest companies in the world.

As our track-record confirms, our Plant and Refinery Explosion Lawyers continue to make history—both inside and outside of the courtroom—with our unprecedented results and record-breaking victories.

  • $100 Million Settlement for workers injured in a refinery explosion
  • $75 Million Settlement for workers injured in Texas refinery explosion
  • Highly favorable (and confidential) settlements for the families of 3 of the 4 workers tragically killed during the Williams Station 62 explosion in Gibson, Louisiana
  • Highly favorable (and confidential) settlements for over 65 workers injured during the Williams explosion in Geismar, Louisiana
  • Highly favorable (and confidential) settlements for 5 of the offshore workers injured during the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion.

How do we achieve these results?

Our Corpus Christi Explosion Attorneys limit our caseload so that we can devote our full attention and resources to each and every client, then we begin preparing for trial the day we file your lawsuit.

If the company and its insurance carrier refuse to offer a settlement that fully compensates you and your family for ALL your injuries and damages, we’ll take the case to trial, where our lawyers remain undefeated.

Contact Our Undefeated Corpus Christi Explosion Lawyers for a Free Consultation at 1-888-603-3636 or by Clicking Here 

Having won billions for our clients in connection with the most catastrophic plant, refinery, and pipeline explosions in history, our Undefeated Corpus Christi Explosion Lawyers have demonstrated that we don’t just win for injured plant and refinery workers, we SET RECORDS.

If you or a loved one were injured or tragically killed in an industrial explosion, contact our Experienced Texas Explosion Attorneys for a free consultation at 1-888-603-3636 or click here to send us a confidential email through our “Contact Us” form.

All consultations are free, and you won’t pay us anything unless we win your case.