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Williams Gibson Plant Explosion Kills 3, Seriously Injures 2 More

On October 8, 2015, the Williams Partners natural gas plant located in Gibson, Louisiana, violently exploded killing 3 contractors and seriously injuring at least 2 more.

The blast, which rattled the area for more than a mile around, occurred while contractors were conducting scheduled maintenance on the “slug catcher,” a device that is responsible for collecting large flows of oil and gas, known as “slugs,” as they come through the pipeline.

Williams officials continue to insist that there was absolutely no product flowing through the line at the time of the explosion.

The Pipeline Explosion Lawyers at Zehl & Associates extend our deepest condolences to the workers and families affected by this terrible, but ultimately preventable, tragedy.

We understand what you are going through because we have been there to help others in very similar situations recover the money they need in order to live their lives free of financial worry.

In fact, our firm just recently reached a highly favorable settlement with Williams on behalf of over 60 workers who were injured in the June 13th, 2013 Williams plant explosion at the Geismar olefins facility that killed 2 workers and injured over 100 others.

We were able to reach this favorable resolution because our firm was able to successfully defeat Williams’s argument that our clients were barred from suing Williams for their injuries by Louisiana worker’s compensation laws.

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