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Suspected Houston Drunk Driver Rearrested After Crash Leaves 5-Year-Old on Life Support

A Houston, Texas man was rearrested yesterday in connection with a suspected drunk driving accident that critically injured a 5-year-old girl early Sunday morning

Suspect Failed Sobriety Test, Admitted to Drinking Before Crash

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, Isreal Suarez Lugo failed a field sobriety test on January 20th, shortly after his red Chevy pickup truck t-boned a black Cadillac at the intersection of 75th Street and Harrisburg Boulevard in east Houston.

Police also claim he admitted to drinking a dozen beers at the Time Out #1 Sports bar in the hours before the crash.

The horrific collision injured Lugo’s wife and all four occupants of the Cadillac, including a 5-year old girl now on life support at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Her 24-year-old aunt also remains hospitalized with injuries that include a broken collar bone, fractured ribs, a punctured lung, and a lacerated artery leading to her brain.

Harris County District Judge Increases Bond after Learning Victim May be Brain Dead

Lugo was arrested on two counts of intoxication assault and released Sunday after posting just 10% of a $5,000.00 bond.

That did not sit well with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, which maintained the third-degree felony should carry a minimum bond of $10,000.00 per charge.

“That’s not acceptable for someone who has proven that they don’t have the respect for any of the rest of the people on our roadways, and get intoxicated, run red lights and potentially kill a 5-year-old,” Prosecutor Sean Teare told

Not surprisingly, Teare asked for a higher bond when Lugo appeared in Harris County District Court on Wednesday.

After being informed that the 5-year old crash victim could be brain dead, the Judge increased Lugo’s bond to $40,000.00

Prosecutors Ready to Upgrade Charge if Crash Victim Dies

Although he was released from custody after posting the higher bond, Lugo is barred from driving, drinking, or even visiting an establishment that serves alcoholic drinks.

As a condition of his bond, he must also wear an ankle monitor that can detect alcohol.

According to Taere, Lugo will face an upgraded charge of intoxication manslaughter should the little girl die.

Other individuals could also be charged if the ongoing investigation into Sunday’s crash determines that Lugo was overserved at the Time Out #1 Sports bar.

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