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Texas Car Accident News: Lone Star State Led Nation in 2019 Distracted Driving Deaths

Houston Car Accident Lawyer | Texas Distracted Driving Deaths 2019

Distracted driving continued to present a danger nationwide in 2019, but nowhere more so than in Texas.

According to a report compiled by AAA, at least 338 fatal distracted driving crashes occurred on Texas roads and highways that year – more than any other state. Those accidents left 371 people dead, also the highest in the nation.

Florida ranked a distant second, with 240 fatal crashes resulting in 258 deaths.

Distracted Driving Killed Over 3,100 People in 2019

At least 3,142 people across the United States died due to distracted driving in 2019, up from 2,839 in 2018. That averages to around nine distracted driving fatalities every single day.

Distracted driving accidents also injured more than 400,00 people in 2019.

While motor vehicle occupants accounted for most deaths, 462 pedestrians, 77 cyclists, and 16 other non-occupants were also killed in crashes that involved a distracted driver. However, it’s not known how many of these victims were also distracted at the time.

Smart Phone Use Leading Cause of Distracted Driving

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that more than 13% of the distracted driving crashes reported in 2019 involved confirmed use of a smartphone. Other confirmed driver distractions include:

  • Adjusting audio or climate controls
  • Using other vehicle controls/components
  • Reaching for a device/object brought into the vehicle
  • Outside person, object, or event
  • Eating or drinking
  • Lost in thought or daydreaming

“Distracted driving remains a growing traffic safety problem nationwide,” said AAA spokesperson Adrienne Woodland. “Any distraction, whether it be texting or talking to a passenger, could be enough to cause a crash.”

Protect Yourself and Others from Distracted Driving

To avoid distractions while driving, AAA urges motorists to:

  • Put away your smartphone while behind the wheel. Keeping it out of sight will help you avoid any temptation to call or text.
  • Activate “Do Not Disturb” on your iPhone or Android device to prevent calls from coming in while you’re driving.
  • If using a navigation system, program your destination before leaving.
  • If you must use your phone while driving, pull over safely and stop before texting or making a call.
  • If a passenger is along for the ride, ask them to navigate, make a call, or send a message.
  • If you’re a passenger, speak up if the driver appears distracted.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists also need to avoid distractions. Never make a call, send a text, or play games while walking or cycling.

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