Premier Personal Injury Lawyers Recover 2 of the Largest Settlements in Texas

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The Premier Personal Injury Attorneys at Zehl & Associates are pleased to announce the recovery of not 1 but 2 of the largest accident settlements in the State of Texas, according to VerdictSearch.

Greyhound Bus Rollover Accident: Asleep at the Wheel

The first settlement, which ranked #5 in Texas, was a $6 Million recovery against Greyhound Bus Company stemming from a rollover crash.

The bus, on its way from Cincinnati to Detroit via Interstate 75, left the roadway early in the morning and rolled over into a cornfield–injuring most of the 51 passengers onboard.

The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Crucially, our bus accident lawyers won the first-ever court-ordered sleep study after proving that just one month prior to the crash, a DOT medical examiner had recommended an overnight sleep study but Greyhound simply allowed the driver to keep driving right up until the night he crashed.

Greyhound maintained, right up until the case settled, that its driver had not fallen asleep but had in fact choked on coffee and passed out.

This recovery represents the largest settlement amount ever paid out by Greyhound in its corporate history.

Oakley Trucking 18-Wheeler Accident: Distracted Truck Driver

The second accident settlement, which ranked #8 in Texas, was a $3.4 Million recovery against Oakley Trucking as a result of its 18 wheeler driver rear-ending our client at high speed.

The impact was so severe that the client suffered a concussion as well as herniated discs in his neck and back, which ultimately required surgery to repair.

During mediation, the insurance company, AIG, and its lawyers said they would never pay more than $1 Million on the case alleging our client was not as injured as he claimed to be.

Not long afterward, with trial approaching and jury selection just days away, the Defendants more than tripled their settlement offer in order to avoid going to court.

The settlement remains the #1 largest ever paid by Oakley Trucking in its corporate history.

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