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Most Pipeline Explosions and Fires Never Result in Federal Fines

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Although pipeline explosions have killed and injured hundreds of people in recent years, federal regulators rarely fine operators after major incidents.

Unfortunately, lax enforcement is likely to continue, at least as long as the Trump Administration maintains power.

Only 10% of Pipeline Explosions Have Resulted in Federal Fines

The federal Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) regulates the nation’s vast interstate pipeline network.

Yet according to E&E News, the agency has only issued fines in 13 of  137 explosions and fires that occurred since 2010.

What’s more, the fines in ALL 13 incidents totaled just $5.4 million. That’s less than a single day’s profit for TransCanada Corp., the company that owns the Keystone XL pipeline.

It’s also about $2 million less than the yearly salary TransCanada paid its CEO.

“They’ve never been a particularly aggressive enforcement agency,” Rebecca Craven, program director at the Pipeline Safety Trust, told E&E News. “I don’t know why.”

Pipeline Explosions Have Killed 300 People Over Last 20 Years

In the past 20 years, pipeline explosions have killed over 300 people in the United States and injured at least 1,200.

Just last week, for example, a 24-inch gas pipeline exploded outside Energy Transfer’s Waha Gas Processing Plant in Coyanosa, Texas.

The blast sparked a massive fire that burned for hours and sent two contract workers to the hospital.

Pipeline Enforcement Not a Priority for Trump Administration

Unfortunately, such incidents could become far more frequent in the near future. That’s because the Trump Administration has gutted many regulations intended to prevent pipeline explosions and spills.

Earlier this month, for example, Trump’s pick to  head the PMHSA indicated he wasn’t interested in increasing pipeline enforcement.

“It is not as though we are going to inspire further carefulness with punitive measures,” Howard Elliott told a group of oil and gas industry lobbyists.

During Elliott’s tenure, his agency has blocked an Obama-era proposal that would have regulated pipelines in modestly populated areas for the first time.

Additionally, the PMHSA proposed eliminating the current classification system that requires pipeline operators to implement extra safety measures in high-density areas.

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