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Megabus Fire Near Chicago Sends Passengers Running for Their Lives

Megabus Accident Lawyer

Early on Sunday afternoon, a sudden and unexpected Megabus fire erupted on Route 41 near the northern suburbs of Chicago, forcing the driver and all 40 passengers to flee for safety.

The bus was en route to Minneapolis when the blaze occurred.

Unfortunately, there is a history of Megabus accidents  and incidents in which passengers’ and others’ lives have been put into danger.

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New York Times travel columnist Lucas Peterson happened to be travelling onboard the Megabus on Sunday and told NBC Chicago that the bus “turned around an hour after departure” to “switch buses.”

Not long after turning around, the driver pulled over to the side of Highway 41 when a tire blew out.

The driver then got out to inspect the damage but only moments later, smoke began billowing from the bus sending everyone running.

By the time authorities arrived on the scene, the Megabus was completely engulfed.