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Icy Roads Cause Over 780 Houston Car and Truck Accidents in 24 Hours 

hazardous weather condition on the road seen through windshield

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Houston saw nearly 800 crashes in less than 24 hours during an arctic blast that dropped temperatures below freezing and created dangerous icy conditions on freeways from Galveston to Katy to The Woodlands. 

Houston Averages One Crash Per Minute During Arctic Blast 

The Houston Police Department took to social media to announce there had been more than 580 vehicle crashes since midnight on Tuesday, January 16, and that at least 100 were ice-related.  That is an average of more than one car crash per minute since Tuesday started, according to the Houston Chronicle.   

The Houston Fire Department also responded to more than 200 accidents on Monday, January 15, meaning the city has likely seen more than 780 motor vehicle accidents in 24 hours time.  That is over 4X the 184 accidents Houston typically sees per day, based on Texas Department of Transportation crash statistics, which reported 67,386 motor vehicle accidents in the city in 2022. 

Icy conditions reduce a vehicle’s traction between its tires and the road, often leaving drivers unable to control where they are going and more susceptible to sliding or spinning out. Such conditions are especially dangerous in Houston, where drivers have much less experience with — or understanding of — how quickly a roadway can turn dangerous, or flat out deadly, when it ices over. 

780+ Accidents Included a Semi That Rolled Over on State Highway 249 

As bridges iced over on major highways across the greater Houston area, dangerous conditions led vehicles big and small to spin, slide, and collide across the region: 

  • Multiple incidents were reported along the Beltway and Sam Houston Tollway  
  • An 18-wheeler carrying hazardous compress gas hit ice and rolled over on State Highway 249 at Louetta near Tomball  
  • An 18-wheeler overturned on I-10 near Katy blocking traffic for hours 
  • An accident on the Hardy Toll Road in north Houston left drivers stuck in traffic for 6+ hours 
  • Every bridge on Interstate 69 in Montgomery County iced over causing multiple accidents, including at Old 105 between Security and Cleveland 

As the Texas Department of Transportation worked to treat icy roadways, motorists reportedly refused to yield to workers, creating even more dangerous conditions. 

Driving in Icy Conditions — How to Stay Safe 

As of Tuesday morning, road closures have continued across the Houston area.  Though freeways appear to be drying out, there are still multiple icy patches across Houston (yes, even inside the Loop) and Houstonians are encouraged to stay off the roads. 

Roadways still impacted by dangerous, icy conditions on January 16 include multiple areas of Beltway 8, North Sam Houston Tollway, Interstate 69, Interstate 10, Interstate 610, and State Highway 99.

All drivers can check up-to-date road closure information, including icy roads, at the Houston Transtar Traffic Map

Though travel is inadvisable, for those taking to the roads this afternoon, make sure to take an emergency winter kit with you in case you get stuck and make sure you’re familiar with winter driving tips. Always use caution on bridges, ramps, overpasses, and in shaded spots, which often freeze before the road does. And go easy on turns, which can also send you skidding. 

If you ever start to skid, do the following: 

  • Remain calm 
  • Ease your foot off the gas (don’t brake!) 
  • Carefully steer in the direction you want your vehicle to go (don’t yank the wheel!) 
  • Pull over and take a breather 

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