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Explosion in Magnolia Texas

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A husband and wife in Magnolia, Texas are fortunate to be alive after an explosion rocked their home on Monday night. After smelling a strong odor of gas, the husband decided to turn off the dryer in the utility room. As he shut down the dryer, the gas ignited – sending the couple flying into and across the home’s living room.

A neighbor heard the blast and rushed to the couple’s aid. The neighbor described the scene as an obvious explosion with burn injuries. KHOU reports that emergency services took the husband and wife to a hospital where they are conscious, talking, and expected to be okay.

While it appears that this Magnolia couple escaped catastrophic injury, the story should not end here. Natural gas and propane explosions should always be investigated to determine the origin and cause of the incident.

It is well known that by itself, natural gas is odorless. The rotten egg aroma is an additive that gas companies are required by law to add, so that any leak can be detected. When the added aroma is not strong enough or the gas was otherwise not properly odorized, the gas company will generally be liable for any injuries that result.

This is one of the reasons why it’s essential that, after an explosion like this one, you talk to experienced explosion attorneys to help you evaluate the evidence and your options, moving forward.