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Truck Accident Victims Says Zehl & Associates is the “Best Of the Best”


Tommy East hired our Undefeated Truck Accident Lawyers after he was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler traveling over 60 mph. The impact was so severe that it flipped his truck and herniated two discs in his neck and lower back.

Before our lawyers got involved in the case, the trucking company refused to offer Tommy more than $75,000 in settlement.  Less than 6 months later, we were able to make the trucking company increase its settlement offer by over $4 million.

The settlement, which was substantially more than Tommy and his wife had ever expected, allowed him to create a trust for his two children that will fund their high-school and college educations and provide for for himself and his family for the rest of his life.

Watch his video testimonial to see why truck and 18-wheeler accident victims repeatedly say that our Truck Accident Attorneys are the “Best of the Best.”

The Accident: I was Rear Ended by an 18 Wheeler Going 65 mph

“I was on my way to work on Loop 410. Traffic came to a sudden slowdown. As I was slowing down I was rear-ended by a 18-wheeler. They’re going about 65 miles an hour, and that day changed my life forever.

I had a concussion, herniations in my neck and lower back, and other injuries that kept me from working and required serious medical treatment.

Why I Hired the Truck Accident Lawyers at Zehl & Associates

“I knew that the insurance company was not going to take responsibility for their actions of their driver, so my biggest focus was on my family and I. We needed to make sure that we were taken care of, because these injures were significant. That’s when I got in touch with Zehl & Associates.

Zehl & Associates Isn’t Just a Law Firm – They’re Like Family

“You think of a great hotel, a five-star hotel, I give Zehl & Associates eight stars, because they went way above and beyond what I ever anticipated. They promised me that they were going to take care of me and my family, and that’s exactly what they did.

They were responsive, they focused on every detail and made sure my case moved forward as quickly as possible, and, most importantly, they treated us like we were family and not just another client.”

They Got Me to the Best Doctors and Medical Providers in the Country

“With Zehl & Associates’ help, I was able to see the top doctors and receive the best medical care without ever having to come out of pocked for the medical bills.

While they were working on our case, Ryan Zehl and his team went way above and beyond to make sure I had the financial resources to pay the bills and even buy presents for my kids at Christmas and on their birthdays.  Because of Zehl, I was able to focus on recovering from my injuries instead of worrying about how I was going to take care of the family while I was off work.”

They Were Able to Get the Trucking Company to Increase My Settlement Offer by Over $4 Million

“Zehl & Associates,PC was able to make sure that my family and I were taken care of for the rest of our lives. They were ready for trial. They were able to increase my settlement offer by over 4 million dollars approximately two weeks before we were scheduled to go to trial.

I’d Recommend the Truck Accident Lawyers at Zehl & Associates to Anyone Who’s Been Injured in a Truck or Any Other Type of Serious Accident.  They’re the Best, Period.

“I’d recommend Ryan and the rest of the team at Zehl & Associates to anybody that’s been hurt in a truck, 18-wheeler or any other type of accident and needs help getting their life back together.

Everyone at the Firm Actually Cares and will Treat you like Family Instead of just Another Client

I’ve never had an experience that was as good as working with Zehl & Associates. I will never be able to thank them enough for everything they did for me and my family.”

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