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Astroworld Festival Injury Lawyers

Houston Personal Injury Lawyers | Travis Scott Astroworld Festival Stampede 8 Dead

Travis Scott Astroworld Festival Injury Lawyers

The city of Houston, Texas, is reeling after a stampeding crowd tragically killed eight people and injured hundreds of others at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival on Friday, November 5.

More than 50,000 Attended Astroworld Fest Opening Night at NRG Park

The chaos began shortly after 9:00 p.m., as more than 50,000 fans gathered inside NRG Park for the opening night of the popular weekend concert event featuring multiple acts. According to media reports, the rap artist Drake had just joined festival founder and performer Travis Scott on the stage for a surprise appearance when the crowd surged.

Scott interrupted the show on at least three occasions after noticing concert-goers in distress. But it wasn’t until officials on the scene declared the event a “mass casualty incident” that organizers finally brought the performance to a premature end.

“It was going on for over two hours,” one witness told CNN. “It just got worse and worse, everyone’s like, you just can’t breathe, you just feel like there’s a weighted blanket on you.”

At Least 23 Concert Attendees Hospitalized, 11 in Cardiac Arrest

More than 300 patients were treated at the event’s field hospital from the time the concert began, including many hurt during the worst moments of the stampede. Houston Fire Department and Harris County medics transported 23 people to are hospitals, including 11 in cardiac arrest.

“What we know is that we have eight people who have died as a result of the injuries suffered at that event,”  Peña told MSNBC earlier today. “That number may rise, because we did transport more people in critical condition. We took 11 that they were performing CPR on en route to the hospital.

None of the victims have been identified, but reports indicate all were under 30. While officials have confirmed a 10-year-old among the injured, Texas Children’s Hospital said it had received more than one pediatric patient from the concert.

The Houston Police Department is still in the process of identifying victims at hospitals, and a reunification center was set up at the Wyndham Houston Hotel at 8686 Kirby.  People searching for loved ones can also call 832-393-2991 or 832-393-2990.

NRG Park Security and Safety Protocols Focus of Astroworld Fest Investigation

An investigation is underway and will focus on security and the safety protocols in place.

More than 300 Houston police officers were assigned to NRG Park last night. Concert promoter LiveNation provided an additional 241 private security personnel and the medics for the event field hospital. However, some attendees asserted that the medical staff seemed ill-prepared and ill-equipped to handle a disaster of that scale.

“The only two visible security guards tried their best to pull people over a security fence as they were being smashed up against it,” one concert-goer wrote in an email to The Houston Chronicle. “People then passed lifeless-limp bodies to paramedics where they tried unsuccessfully to revive four different people. All the while, battling crowds trampling over the bodies lying in the walkway.”

Others criticized the organizers for failing to stop the show after it became clear there were problems in the crowd. One video circulating on social media showed fans attempting to make camera operators aware of the increasingly dangerous situation. Another showed people waving toward the stage and chanting, “Stop the show!”

Just two weeks ago, a Playboi Carti concert held at the same NRG Park complex was abruptly canceled when another crowd pushed through a gate and stormed into the show. Earlier in the day on Friday, Astroworld Fest security had confronted people without tickets breaking through barricades and attempting to gain entry to that event.

Travis Scott Twice Arrested for Inciting Concert Crowds

Travis Scott, a Houston native, is known for high-octane performances and aggressive audiences.  In August 2015, he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after encouraging fans at Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois, to climb over security barriers and storm the stage. Organizers were forced to shut his performance down just five minutes after it began.

“Everyone in a green shirt get the f***k back,” Scott said, according to a video from the event, referring to security personnel in the pit separating the crowd and the stage. “Middle finger up to security right now.”

Nearly two years later, in May 2017, Scott urged fans to rush the stage and bypass security protocols while performing at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion. Several concert-goers and a member of the security staff were hurt in the melee.

Scott was again arrested, this time for inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, and endangering a minor. Undefeated Houston Personal Injury Lawyers For Astroworld Injury & Wrongful Death

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Our Undefeated Houston Personal Injury Lawyers are praying for and extend our condolences to the victims of the Astroworld Festival tragedy and their families. We are monitoring developments surrounding the disaster and will post updates as soon as new information becomes available.

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