$1,500,000 Settlement for Rear End Collision

Ryan Zehl Settles Case for $1,550,000 on Behalf of Electrician Injured in Car Accident

Ryan Zehl represented David Thompson, an electrician who injured his lower back and required a lower back surgery, when he was broad-sided by a dairy truck that failed to yield the right-of-way while trying to cross the highway. The case was filed in Erath County, Texas, which is where the collision occurred and the dairy farm was based.

The dairy company’s lawyer argued that Thompson’s injury was preexisting, relying on an MRI from several months before the collision showing a bulging disk at the same level (L5-S1).

Mr. Zehl established that even if the injury existed before, it was severely exacerbated by the impact from the collision. The case was resolved at mediation, which took place only 7 months after the case was filed.

Attorney’s fees: $495,000

Case expenses: $314,538


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