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$2,775,000 Settlement for Client Who Injured Back Working Offshore

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Our Undefeated Maritime Lawyers are proud to report a $2,775,000 settlement for our client who injured his lower back while working offshore.

While working onboard a semi-submersible rig as a deckhand, our client slipped and fell down an internal set of stairs while the vessel was in rough seas. As a result, he herniated a disc in his lower back.

He had just begun to descend the stairs when the slip and fall occurred. Our maritime attorneys argued that his injury was due to the lack of a second handrail, which did not allow three points of contact, as well as the absence of non-skid on the yellow-painted metal steps.

After reporting the injury to his supervisor, our client was fired.

Shortly after filing the lawsuit and taking several depositions, our Maritime Lawyers were able to obtain a $2,775,000.00 for our client.

Attorney’s Fees: $1,040,000

Case Expenses: $79,430